Wednesday, 14 October 2020: EU may impose tariffs on US imports, Cyprus to scrap passports-for-cash scheme, Polish Disciplinary Chamber lifts judge’s immunity


EU may impose tariffs on US imports: The World Trade Organisation (WTO) has given the European Union permission to impose tariffs on $4 billion of US goods in retaliation against US subsidies for planemaker Boeing. The decision, which stems from a 16-year fight before the global trade body, follows a parallel case that the US brought against Europe over subsidies to its largest plane maker, Airbus. Last year, the Trump administration imposed tariffs on European planes, wine, cheese and other products after the WTO gave the United States permission to retaliate on up to $7.5 billion of European exports annually.,

Europe agrees on common coronavirus travel rules: European Union ministers have decided on a traffic light system for travel within the EU, in an attempt to provide clarity for travellers amid a resurgence of coronavirus throughout the region. Under the agreement, the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control (ECDC) will publish a weekly map of the regional situation in EU countries, with colour code based on the risk level: Green, orange, and red. Member states are required to supply data to the ECDC about new cases per 100,000 people in the past 14 days, plus numbers of tests and percentage of positive tests in the past week.,

EU extends leniency towards Covid support: The European Commission said on Tuesday it was extending into 2021 its more flexible approach towards state aid and recapitalisation to support companies struggling due to coronavirus restrictions. The Commission adopted its flexible approach to state aid on 19 March, as the coronavirus first swept through the continent, plunging it into a deep recession.,

Germany warns Turkey against provocation in eastern Mediterranean: German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas has warned Turkey that it should refrain from provocation in the gas exploration dispute in the eastern Mediterranean. He called on the Turkish government not to resume gas exploration in the more controversial sea areas. “We appeal to Turkey to refrain from closing the dialogue window that has just opened with Greece through unilateral measures,” Maas said in Berlin before embarking on a trip to Cyprus and Greece. As Germany holds the rotating EU presidency, Maas has been mediating between Ankara and Athens. He said he had deliberately left Turkey out of his visit.,

EU pushes UK to budge in Brexit talks: Germany’s Europe Minister, Michael Roth, has demanded substantive movement from Britain on fisheries, dispute settlement and guarantees of fair competition in their talks on a post-Brexit trade deal. “We are at a very critical stage in the negotiations and we are extremely under pressure,” Roth said on Tuesday. “In terms of substance we have not really made progress.” He added the EU would step up contingency planning in case of failure in the negotiations on a new partnership.

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We must show that we have learned our lesson.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has urged people to comply with coronavirus measures.


Cyprus to scrap passports-for-cash scheme: Cyprus will suspend its controversial “Golden Visa” scheme, which gives foreigners a passport in exchange for massive investment in the country. The scheme will stop on 1 November, to be followed by discussions on a potential replacement investment scheme. A probe into the current scheme by the attorney general is underway. This month, Al Jazeera wrote that high-ranking Cypriot officials, politicians, lawyers and developers were willing to help convicted criminals obtain Cypriot citizenship through the scheme.

Polish Disciplinary Chamber lifts judge’s immunity: The Disciplinary Chamber of Poland’s Supreme Court on Monday lifted the immunity of judge Beata Morawiec, suspended her from office and cut her salary by half. According to the court, Morawiec has committed corruption offences. Morawiec denies the allegations. She is the chair of the association of judges “Themis”, which has repeatedly criticised the government’s reforms of the judicial system.

Belarus opposition gives president an ultimatum: Belarus opposition leader Svetlana Tikhanovskaya said on Tuesday she will announce a country-wide strike unless President Alexander Lukashenko announces his resignation. The ultimatum came after the authorities intensified their crackdown on anti-government protests this week, resorting to water cannon, tear gas and flare guns. On Monday the police threatened to use combat weapons in the streets.,

Sweden’s Covid cases rise above 100,000: Sweden, which has shunned lockdowns, registered 2,203 new coronavirus cases in the last four days, Health Agency statistics showed on Tuesday, taking the total to 100,654 since the start of the pandemic. The Netherlands will return to a partial lockdown on Wednesday, Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte said, closing bars and restaurants as it battles to control the coronavirus in one of Europe’s major hotspots. Italy and the Czech government are also imposing new measures late to try to curb a second wave of coronavirus infections. (Sweden), (Netherlands), (Czech Republic), (Italy)

Norway blames Russia for hacking lawmakers in cyber attack
Poland’s Prime Minister Morawiecki goes into coronavirus quarantine
France: Experts attest government deficiencies in Covid policies


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Spain prohibits unequal pay for men and women: The Spanish government has passed a new law that forces employers to disclose the pay of its male and female employees. The government wants to tackle gender inequality in the workplace and will also provide businesses tools to help them reduce their gender pay gap.


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