Monday, 12 October 2020: Europe records 100,000 daily coronavirus cases for first time, Merkel and Johnson talk Brexit, Vienna voters deal blow to the far-right in local elections


Europe records 100,000 daily coronavirus cases for first time: Europe surpassed 100,000 daily reported Covid-19 cases for the first time on Thursday. The epicentre of the outbreak in the European region has moved to the United Kingdom, Russia, Spain and France which have reported at least over 10,000 cases each in the last three days.

EU countries to adopt Covid travel guidelines: European Union countries will adopt guidelines aimed at coordinating their varying coronavirus travel measures, according to EU officials and diplomats involved in the talks. The guidelines are intended to make travel restrictions, such as quarantine and testing rules, smoother and more predictable within the EU. Central to that would be the adoption of a single map using colors to denote the scale of outbreaks around the bloc, green at the low end of risk, orange in the middle and red at the high end.

Merkel and Johnson talk Brexit: In a phone call on Sunday, British Prime Minister Boris Johnson told German Chancellor Angela Merkel that significant gaps remain between Britain and the EU in Brexit trade negotiations. Johnson emphasised that progress must be made in the coming days to bridge the gaps, in particular in the areas of fisheries and the level playing field, a Downing Street spokesman said. The conversation followed a phone call between Johnson and French President Emmanuel Macron.

Police arrest dozens of protesters in Minsk: Security forces in Belarus detained dozens of protesters on Sunday and used force, including water cannon and batons, to break up crowds demanding a new presidential election. Footage published by local news outlets showed police officers wearing black balaclavas dragging protesters into unmarked black vans and beating protesters with their batons.

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ECB chief economist Philip Lane sees rising Covid cases as risk to economic recovery
Nagorno-Karabakh: Fragile ceasefire between Armenia and Azerbaijan
Korea: Emergency meeting held in South Korea after North Korea parades new missiles


A lot of people say Covid makes you do things out of character. You are not thinking straight.
Scottish MP Margaret Ferrier has said she won’t resign from her parliamentary position in Westminster after taking a train when she knew she was infected with the coronavirus.


Vienna voters deal blow to the far-right in local elections: Vienna’s far-right and anti-immigration parties sustained heavy losses in municipal elections on Sunday. The big winners of the night were the centre left SPÖ, led by Mayor Michael Ludwig, who reached 41.7% of the vote, improving their 2015 result by 2 points. In second place came the conservative ÖVP, which doubled its share of the vote to 18.7%. They were followed by the Green party with 14.6% and the liberal Neos with 8.1%.

Opposition parties win big in Czech senate election: Opposition parties in the Czech Republic have cemented their dominant position in parliament’s upper house after winning big in an election for a third of the seats in the Senate. With nearly all the votes counted Saturday by the Statistics Office, the mostly centre-right opposition parties won 26 of the 27 seats up for grabs in the 81-seat Senate in the two-round election.

Spain imposes state of emergency on Madrid: Spanish Prime Minister Pedro Sánchez has said he hopes to bring the coronavirus outbreak in the capital under control within the next two weeks, as he defended the government’s decision to declare a state of emergency to keep the Madrid region in partial lockdown.

Slovakia is imposing new restrictive measures to fight Covid: Starting Thursday, it will again be mandatory to wear face masks outside in all cities, towns and villages and there will be a ban on public events, including religious services in churches. Fitness and wellness centres and public swimming pools will be closed. Restaurants are banned from serving meals indoors, and the number of people in stores and shopping centres is limited.

Lithuania: Parliamentary elections under Covid conditions
Austria: Expert report on Ischgl outbreak


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Trump boasts he may be immune to Covid: US President Donald Trump has suggested he may be immune from coronavirus in a video released shortly after he had arrived back at the White House after being treated for the disease at Walter Reed Medical Centre. Despite still being contagious, he took off his mask, walked inside the residence and delivered a short speech to supporters. “Now I’m better, and maybe I’m immune,” he said. The statement conflicted with what his doctors said about how he will need ongoing treatment.,


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