Wednesday, November 27th 2019: Sentsov warns Europe not to trust Putin, Germans feel the consequences of global warming, Malta officials resign in scandal over journalist’s murder


Sentsov warns Europe not to trust Putin: Ukrainian filmmaker Oleg Sentsov finally accepted the Sakharov Prize on Tuesday at the EU Parliament, after being freed in a high-profile prison swap between Russia and Ukraine in September. Held captive in Russia’s Arctic far-north for five years on terror charges, Sentsov warned European lawmakers to be wary of Russian President Vladimir Putin as peace talks approach. He said he did not trust Putin and Europeans shouldn’t either. Russia did not wish for peace in Donbass or Ukraine, Sentsov warned while accepting the award. He also reminded the audience to remember the thousands of those who had fallen in Ukraine. Sentsov had opposed Russia’s annexation of his homeland Crimea.,

Germans feel the consequences of global warming: The average temperature in Germany rose 1.5 degrees Celsius between the years 1881 and 2018, according to a new climate change report. Environment Minister Svenja Schulze said the alarming report revealed an imminent need to adapt to climate change through design and planning. Meanwhile, a new United Nations report warned that countries must make an unprecedented effort to cut their levels of greenhouse gases in the next decade to avoid climate chaos. The globe may soon feel the dire effects of inaction, including rising temperatures. A spokesman for designated EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen has rejected a report claiming that she wants to invest some 3 trillion euros in climate protection by 2030.,,,,

Germany calls on China to comply with human rights obligations: German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas on Tuesday called on China to comply with its human rights obligations and urged the Chinese government to clarify its position on interning Muslim minorities in prison camps. Rights groups estimate that around a million Uighurs and members of other Muslim minority groups have been detained in so-called reeducation camps in Xinjiang province. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said recently leaked documents confirmed that China was committing very significant human rights abuses against Uighur Muslims and other minority groups. German carmaker Volkswagen has defended its presence in the Xinjiang region, where it operates a production facility in Urumqi. (Maas), (Pompeo), (VW)

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German minister defends Nato: German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas said on Tuesday Nato was alive and stressed it was important not to have a decoupling of security interests after French President Emmanuel Macron suggested the security alliance was suffering brain death. Maas added that Nato remained crucial for security in the future and needed to be further developed.

EU Parliament: Election of the new EU Commission this Wednesday
EU Court of Auditors: MEPs back five members
Wojciech Wiewiorowski: Parliament approves EU’s new data protection watchdog
EU accession: EPP leader Weber wants accession negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania this year
Jihadists: MEPs call for repatriation of children from Syria


We know from all reports that we get that this situation is alarming. And that’s why Germany and Europe need to take action.
German Chancellor Angela Merkel has reiterated the goal of future EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen to turn Europe into a CO2-free continent by the year 2050.


Malta officials resign in scandal over journalist’s murder: Two years after the murder of Maltese journalist Daphne Caruana Galizia, several resignations have rocked Prime Minister Joseph Muscat’s government. His chief aide, Keith Schembri, quit amid reports he was being questioned by police, and Tourism Minister Konrad Mizzi also resigned. The Economy Minister, Chris Cardona, took the decision to suspend himself. The departures came almost four years after Caruana Galizia used a leak of offshore information, known as the “Panama Papers”, to reveal that Schembri and Mizzi, who was then energy minister, had become the beneficiaries of secretive Panama shell companies shortly after assuming office. Last week, prominent businessman Yorgen Fenech was arrested in a dramatic raid on his yacht. Before her murder, Caruana Galizia had linked both Mizzi and Schembri to secret payments made by Fenech.,,,

German farmers protest agricultural policies: Around 5,000 tractors gathered at Berlin’s Brandenburg Gate on Tuesday as thousands of farmers protested against the government’s agricultural policies. Farmers claim that planned new environmental limits are too restrictive and that the government is making it impossible for national agriculture to compete against imports. German Agriculture Minister Julia Klöckner and Environment Minister Svenja Schulze had presented an agricultural package in September saying that farmers would have to reduce their use of fertilizers, pesticides and insecticides with a view to curbing the dying of insects and reducing the nitrate content in the groundwater.,

Arrests during protests in Georgia: Thousands of protesters gathered in the Georgian capital Tbilisi on Tuesday demanding electoral reforms. Just last week, Georgia’s ruling party backtracked on electoral reforms, causing demonstrators to take to the streets. Protesters argue that the rules benefit the ruling Georgian Dream party. Riot police used water cannons to scatter dozens of demonstrators gathered near the parliament, as they tried to blockade parts of the building and prevent lawmakers from entering.,

Probe over Ibiza scandal in Austria: Austrian prosecutors have opened criminal investigations against seven people in connection with the Ibiza scandal video that triggered the collapse of the government earlier this year. Prosecutors said Tuesday that seven suspects are being investigated on allegations of making illegal recordings, forgery, attempted blackmail and serious fraud. The so-called Ibiza video showed Austria’s then-vice chancellor Heinz-Christian Strache appearing to offer favors to a purported Russian oligarch’s niece.

France mourns death of 13 soldiers in Mali: France on Tuesday mourned the death of thirteen soldiers in a helicopter collision in Mali, the country’s worst military loss in four decades. The soldiers died when two helicopters collided in a nocturnal operation to bolster ground troops hunting jihadists in the Liptako region, near the borders of Burkina Faso and Niger. French President Emmanuel Macron expressed deep sadness over the incident. Armed Forces Minister Florence Parly said the government has launched an investigation into the incident.,

Poland: Memorial stone for German Freikorps removed
Denmark: Government strips citizenship from suspected Isis fighters
Netherlands: Police arrest two on suspicion of preparing jihadist attack

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EU restricts imports of cheap chicken from Ukraine: Following a rapid increase of Chicken imports from the Ukraine, the EU Parliament has agreed to modify the EU-Ukraine trade agreement to curb imports of cheap Ukrainian poultry meat entering the EU using a legal loophole. The new poultry regime will handle boneless and bony chicken breasts on a single tariff line, and will raise the amounts that Ukraine is able to export to the EU without tariffs.


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