Wednesday, 20 September 2017: Trump threatens to destroy North Korea, Cabinet meeting on eve of May’s Brexit speech, New EU cyber strategy


Trump threatens to destroy North Korea: US President Donald Trump, in his first address to the United Nations, warned that he may be forced to destroy North Korea. While the US could take military action, Trump urged the UN to join together in curtailing North Korea’s nuclear efforts. French President Emmanuel Macron countered Trump’s remarks in his own address, saying that the nuclear deal with Iran was essential for peace and that his country would not close any door to dialogue with North Korea. Opening the General Assembly session, UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres warned about nuclear peril and climate change, and offered pointed reminders about stronger international cooperation.,

Cabinet meeting on eve of May’s Brexit speech: British Prime Minister Theresa May will hold a special cabinet meeting on the eve of her Brexit speech, a spokesman said Tuesday, as she seeks to bring her ministers in line behind her EU strategy. May is expecting Boris Johnson to remain in her Cabinet as Foreign Secretary, Downing Street has said. The statement was made after Johnson dismissed suggestions that he might be on the verge of quitting. British police have arrested a third suspect in connection with the bomb that partially exploded on a London subway last week.,,

New EU cyber strategy: The EU Commission says it wants to bring in new measures to beef up protection against those trying to steal data, commit fraud or even destabilise governments. Last year, there were 4,000 ransomware attacks a day, according to the Commission, and the economic impact is deepening. EU Commission Vice President Andrus Ansip along with fellow commissioners on security, Julian King, and digital affairs, Mariya Gabriel, detailed a plan to improve EU citizens‘ and companies‘ abilities to fight back against web-based exploitation by upgrading the EU’s existing cybersecurity agency.,

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EU must cut emissions and adapt to climate change: In a new landscape review by the European Court of Auditors, the EU’s energy and climate change policies came under scrutiny, with the report concluding that Brussels will have to make additional efforts if it is to meet ts 2030 and 2050 emission reductions targets. Many member states have failed to use all the EU funding available to them for use in renewable energy projects, particularly when compared to spending on energy efficiency initiatives, which the auditors claim could harm investment.

European Central Bank: ECB may keep open option to prolong bond-buying again in 2018
Free trade: Farmers warn against impact of Mercosur on EU beef


We have to invest in the construction of new apartments. In Germany, there’s not enough construction of housing and there’s not enough money for construction.
Martin Schulz, the leader of the German Social Democratic Party, has outlined his vision for Germany.


Portugal in cash for passports scandal: Portugal has been swept up in the “golden visa” crisis that has already engulfed Cyprus. Both countries are accused of turning the other way when issuing passports to wealthy foreign investors with questionable backgrounds. Portuguese newspaper „Expresso“ revealed that several executives caught up in the Brazilian car wash corruption scandal have bought access to Europe through property purchases in the country.

Norwegian sovereign wealth fund hits milestone valuation: Norway’s sovereign wealth fund hit 1 trillion dollars for the first time on Tuesday, driven higher by climbing stock markets and a weaker US dollar. Theoretically, each of Norway’s 5.3 million citizens owns a slice worth about $189,000 in the fund. However, this piggy bank is intended to finance Norway’s welfare state when the oil wells one day run dry. Until then, the government is allowed to draw only the equivalent of the expected financial returns, a ratio recently reduced from four percent to three percent.,

Polls ahead of German election: German Chancellor Angela Merkel is on track to win a fourth term in Sunday’s national election despite a dip in support for her conservatives, a poll showed on Tuesday. The poll put the AfD at 10 percent, up two points since the end of August, while Merkel’s Christian Democrats (CDU) and their Bavarian CSU allies slipped two points to 36.5 percent.

Budget deficit in France revised down: The French government has revised the country’s budget deficit forecast down to 2.9 percent of output this year and 2.6 percent next year, Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire said on Tuesday. The earlier projection had been 3.0 percent in 2017 and 2.7 percent in 2018. Le Maire’s announcement confirmed an earlier report on those targets by financial newspaper Les Echos.

Hungary: Stricter corruption law
Russia: Helicopter fires at spectators during military exercise

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Macron’s mobile number leaked: French President Emmanuel Macron was bombarded with text messages and phone calls after his mobile phone number was published online, according to media reports. The number to one of Macron’s two iPhones circulated about ten days ago after a journalist who had the president’s contact details was robbed of his phone. The burglar posted the number on an undisclosed website.



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