Wednesday, 10 January 2018: Hammond and Davis speak out for transition period, Leading separatists are stepping down, Poland reshuffles government


Hammond and Davis speak out for transition period: British finance minister Philip Hammond and Brexit minister David Davis, who are due to begin a visit to Germany on Wednesday, wrote in a German newspaper that they wanted to give German business leaders the message that a transition period took priority over Britain’s final exit from the EU. Davis’s claim in a leaked letter to Prime Minister Theresa May that the EU is discriminating against the UK and damaging its economic interests by preparing for a no-deal scenario in March 2019 has been met with denials and accusations of hypocrisy in Brussels.,

Leading separatists are stepping down: Former Catalan president Artur Mas said on Tuesday he would step down as head of his separatist political party to pave the way for new leaders of Catalonia’s independence movement after reports of internal divisions. A Catalan court barred Mas from public office in March 2017 for two years for staging an informal referendum on independence in 2014. Former Justice Minister Carles Mundo is also leaving politics.

Internet platforms threatened with EU legislation: Internet giants like Facebook, Google’s YouTube and Twitter are not taking down illegal content from their websites fast enough, five EU Commissioners said on Tuesday after meeting with the companies. Andrus Ansip, the EU Vice-President in charge of the digital single market, said fragmentation was an issue and would increasingly be so, and he encouraged the companies to be proactive to detect, remove or disable access to illegal content on a voluntary basis.,

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Israeli missiles target Syrian territory: Israeli jets and ground-to-ground missiles struck outposts near Damascus early on Tuesday, Syria’s army said, claiming that the Syrian air force hit one of the Israeli jets and shot down several of the missiles. Turkey’s military will continue its operation in Syria’s Afrin and Manbij regions, President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said on Tuesday. Turkey has summoned the ambassadors of Russia and Iran to complain about recent Syrian government advances.,

Korea crisis: North and South Korea agree to talks to reduce military tensions
Iran: 3,700 protesters arrested by government, according to lawmaker
Eurozone: Unemployment hits nine-year low


I am not in the mood to make wild threats. I would like to talk reasonably about this.
European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said he rejects the idea of cutting EU funds to Poland amid an ongoing spat between Brussels and Warsaw over rule of law concerns and refugee obligations.


Poland reshuffles government: Two months after coming into office, Prime Minister Mateusz Morawiecki of Poland announced a sweeping reshuffle of the government on Tuesday. Morawiecki announced the dismissal of a third of his cabinet, including the foreign minister, the defence minister and several others with tense relationships with European leaders. On Tuesday evening, Morawiecki met with EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker in Brussels.

Greek protesters storm labour ministry: Greek demonstrators stormed the country’s labour ministry and confronted its chief on Tuesday in protest at moves to restrict the right to strike, a condition set by international creditors in exchange for bailout funds. About 500 demonstrators with Greek Communist-affiliated group PAME raced up to the eighth floor of the ministry where about 50 of them came face to face with Labour Minister Effie Achtsioglou.

Berlusconi says Italy can’t leave euro: Former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi said it would be unsustainable for Italy to abandon the euro, insisting that his Euroskeptic Northern League allies agree. The League’s economics spokesman Claudio Borghi, however, shot back that if the centre-right won the March 4 election it would immediately prepare for Italy to exit the euro.,

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Bulgarian businessman killed in broad daylight in Sofia: Influential businessman Petar Hristov has been shot dead outside his office in broad daylight in Sofia, in a case likely to raise questions about organised crime in Bulgaria. The killing happened just days after Bulgaria took the reins of the EU’s six-month rotating presidency for the first time since joining the bloc in 2007.,

German & Italian police smash cross-border Mafia ring: Police in Italy and Germany have made 169 arrests in an anti-mafia raid of suspected members of the Calabrian mafia or N’drangheta. German authorities said the men were suspected of blackmail and money laundering, and that the detentions were carried out at the request of Italian authorities.,,

Britain: Government spells out plan to shut down coal plants
France: Areva signs China nuclear facility pact
Denmark: Government postpones tax reform

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Thai PM tells reporters to quiz cardboard cutout: Thailand’s prime minister Prayuth Chan-ocha evaded journalists‘ questions on Monday by bringing out a life-sized cardboard cutout of himself and telling the reporters to quiz it instead of him. It isn’t the first time Prayuth – a general who seized power in a bloodless coup in 2014 – has dumbfounded the media.



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