Tuesday, 8 August 2017: Brits increasingly skeptical of May’s approach to Brexit, Dozens of migrants run across border in Spanish enclave, EU expresses worry over equality in Poland


Brits increasingly skeptical of May’s approach to Brexit: The British public is losing confidence in Prime Minister Theresa May’s ability to successfully negotiate a Brexit deal on a month-by-month basis, according to a poll published Monday. The poll found that 61 percent disapprove of the way the British government is handling the UK’s withdrawal from the EU, up 5 points from last month, when 56 percent disapproved, and 15 points more than in June, when the disapproval rate was at 46 percent. According to reports, May is to lift the veil of secrecy around the UK’s Brexit negotiations in the coming weeks, with the publication of key position papers on issues such as Northern Ireland and the customs union.
politico.eu, theguardian.com

Dozens of migrants run across border in Spanish enclave: Dozens of sub-Saharan migrants crossed into Spain from Morocco in the early hours of Monday after running through a border gate into the enclave of Ceuta, emergency services said. Migrants frequently attempt to storm the borders of Spain’s two enclaves in northern Africa, Ceuta and Melilla, often clambering up fences which are up to 6 metres tall and topped by razor wire. The Red Cross said it had assisted 186 people following the morning rush across the border, adding that four migrants were taken to hospital.

EU expresses worry over equality in Poland: The EU Commission is concerned that reintroducing a different retirement age for men and women in Poland could violate the bloc’s equality rules, according to a letter from Brussels to Warsaw seen by „Reuters“. The Polish government’s change will take effect from October, reintroducing a retirement age of 65 for men and 60 for women. Brussels has already raised the issue in its criticism of separate PiS-sponsored legal moves to put courts and judges under more direct government control.

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EU says no plans for electric cars quotas: The EU on Monday said it had no plans to introduce quotas for electric cars for an automobile sector seeking to recover from the Volkswagen diesel scandal, a spokeswoman for the EU executive said. Generally speaking, the Commision was looking into ways to promote use of low carbon energy and transport, but none of them included quotas for electric cars, the spokeswoman told reporters. There was no plans tp discriminate between different technologies.

North Korea: Government threatens retaliation against US over sanctions nytimes.com


German state premier under pressure to quit: The head of the German state of Lower Saxony has been urged to quit following twin crises in a matter of days. German media reported at the weekend that Stephan Weil, the state’s Social Democrat premier, had allowed Volkswagen to edit a speech he gave on the Dieselgate emissions scandal. Meanwhile, Lower Saxony will hold new elections on Oct. 15, after a Greens party member defected to the conservatives on Friday, costing the current Social Democrat-Greens coalition government its one-seat majority.
politico.eu, reuters.com

Tainted eggs prompt scare in Europe: The EU on Monday notified the food safety authorities in Britain, France, Sweden and Switzerland to be on the lookout for contamination in eggs after a food scare in Belgium, Germany and the Netherlands. The scare over contaminated eggs, which began in Belgium, has led supermarkets there and in Germany and the Netherlands to clear shelves of the product as the crisis entered its third week. A Belgian company is under investigation for creating an illegal mite-killer containing fipronil.
nytimes.com, politico.eu

Junior party quits Slovakia’s ruling coalition: A junior partner in Slovakia’s ruling coalition, the Slovak National Party (SNS), surprised its partners on Monday by pulling out of an agreement underpinning the government and calling for a new deal. Prime Minister Robert Fico described the SNS move as absurd, though the end of the deal does not automatically spell the end of the three-party government, in power since March 2016, or a new election.

Members of Russian punk band Pussy Riot briefly detained: Two members of the Russian feminist punk band Pussy Riot were briefly detained Monday after rallying for the release of a Ukrainian filmmaker outside his Siberian prison. During Sunday’s protest in Yakutsk where Oleg Sentsov is serving his sentence, the band members unfurled a banner on a nearby bridge that read “Free Sentsov!”

Wildfires: Sicilian firefighters arrested for deliberately starting blazes politico.eu
Germany: Regulator probes VW, Daimler for disclosure violations reuters.com
France: Macron under fire over wife’s First Lady role cnn.com
Germany: Ex-president Christian Wulff criticised for Turkish fashion job dw.com


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Comedian stenciled racist tweets around Twitter’s German offices: Author and comedian Shahak Shapira reported over 300 tweets for hateful and racist content. After none of the tweets were deleted, Shapira wanted to make sure that Twitter employees couldn’t help but notice them. On Friday morning, employees at Twitter’s Hamburg offices were forced to step over hate-fueled messages, such as „Hitler did nothing wrong,“ and „Retweet if you hate Muslims,“ stenciled on the street in front of their office.



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