Tuesday, 7 November 2017: EU to discuss tax havens blacklist, Puigdemont to be questioned again, Most EU firms plan retreat from UK suppliers


EU to discuss tax havens blacklist: After the newly leaked Paradise Papers revealed investments by wealthy individuals and institutions around the globe, EU states will on Tuesday bring forward a discussion on plans for a tax havens’ blacklists. The latest revelations put renewed emphasis on the work the EU Commission was doing to fight tax avoidance, the vice president of the EU’s executive arm, Valdis Dombrovskis, said on Monday. Germany welcomed the revelations as an important contribution to creating transparency and fighting tax avoidance, a government spokesman said on Monday.
reuters.com, nytimes.com

Puigdemont to be questioned again: The deposed Catalan president, Carles Puigdemont, has accused the Spanish authorities of conducting a brutal judicial offensive against members of his ousted government and said he was afraid they would not receive an unbiased hearing in Spanish courts. Writing in the „Guardian“, Puigdemont said it was an outrage that he and 13 colleagues were being investigated over possible charges including sedition and rebellion in relation to their roles in last month’s declaration of independence. The Belgian authorities want to interview Puigdemont one more time.
theguardian.com, zeit.de

Most EU firms plan retreat from UK suppliers: Most European businesses plan to cut back orders from British suppliers because of the slow progress of Brexit talks, a survey of company managers showed on Monday. The findings underscore the concern among executives that the lack of an agreement on the terms of a British exit is hurting businesses. Sixty-three percent of non-British European companies expect to move some of their supply chain out of Britain, up from 44 percent in May.
nytimes.com, bloomberg.com

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Fiji sees threat of coming climate exodus: Fiji’s prime minister Frank Bainimarama called for a sense of urgency in the fight against global warming Monday, as he opened two weeks of talks on implementing the Paris accord on combating climate change, which is already affecting his Pacific island nation. The COP23 international climate conference kicked off in Bonn Monday. While diplomats and activists gathered in Bonn, the UN weather agency said 2017 is set to become the hottest year on record aside from those impacted by the El Nino phenomenon.
chicagotribune.com, politico.eu

Most EU hopefuls might not be ready to join before 2050: A new study looking into the practical, legal and technical aspects of further EU expansion has concluded that only one country, the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia, could meet the criteria for joining the bloc before 2023. Serbia, currently touted as the frontrunner together with the tiny coastal republic of Montenegro, would only manage to fully comply with EU law in the mid-2030s, and the same goes for Turkey.

Eurozone: Growth robust in October reuters.com
US Commerce Secretary Ross: It’s not fair that the US absorbs the world’s trade surplus cnbc.com


The Commission wants to continue to engage in genuine, constructive dialogue, and we truly regret that we can not lead this dialogue at the moment.
Frans Timmermans, the European Commission’s first vice president, has warned that Poland’s planned changes to its judicial system posed a serious threat to the independence of the country’s rule of law.


May calls for culture of respect: British Prime Minister Theresa May says lawmakers must embrace a new culture of respect in the wake of the Westminster sexual harassment scandal. The PM said in a speech to the CBI that people should know their complaints will be investigated properly. Conservative MP Chris Pincher has quit as a Government whip and referred himself to the police after he was accused of making an unwanted pass at former Olympic rower and Conservative activist Alex Story.
bbc.com, telegraph.co.uk

Iceland’s leftist opposition fails to form government: Iceland’s centre-left parties have abandoned attempts led by Left Green Movement leader Katrin Jakobsdottir to form a governing coalition. The Left Greens, the Social Democrats, the Progressive Party and the Pirate Party issued a joint statement Monday saying the majority was too slim to form a viable government. President Gudni Johannesson gave the mandate to Jakobsdottir last week after her party came second in the election.
bloomberg.com, reuters.com

Berlusconi is back: A candidate backed by former Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi claimed victory on Monday in Sicily’s regional elections, adding momentum to Berlusconi’s own political comeback before national elections next year. Berlusconi’s candidate, Nello Musumeci, the candidate of a coalition of centre-right parties for governor of Sicily, won with 39 percent of the vote, while the Five Star Movement’s Giancarlo Cancelleri, took nearly 35 percent. The anti-establishment movement ran on its own, becoming the island’s leading party.

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Germany’s Social Democrats plan overhaul after election loss: After suffering its worst election defeat since 1949, Germany’s centre-left Social Democrats (SPD) began some internal soul-searching on Monday as party leader Martin Schulz unveiled his plan for the future. The new plan laid out by Schulz calls for enabling the participation of party members in personnel decisions, including the candidate for chancellor. The suggested move is a bit closer to system of primaries employed by political parties in the US, and rare in Europe where party leaders often directly select their candidates.

Poland: March mourns man who set himself on fire in anti-government protest reuters.com
France: Parliament votes for tax surcharge for large companies deutschlandfunk.de


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Kretschmann to go electric: Winfried Kretschmann, the Green party premier in the German state of Baden-Württemberg, plans to switch over to an electric company car by the year 2018. This would make him the first state premier in Germany to rely on e-mobility for his transportation. Kretschmann currently uses a car by Daimler with a hybrid drive.



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