Greek stock market reopens and plunges: Greece suffered its worst stock market sell-off in history on Monday, when it opened after a forced five-week closure. The main Athens stock index ended the day down by 16.23 percent. The nation’s top four banks fell the most, all down 30 percent, the maximum allowed. Collectively, Greek-listed companies lost about a sixth of their market value. The Greek government and its lenders have agreed that pension reforms will affect only those who retired after the end of June.
bbc.com, telegraph.co.uk

Criticism against agricultural trade law: Many hedge funds and investors speculate on food, driving prices up. A Brussels law was intended to stop agricultural trade, but critics in the EU Parliament fear that the financial lobby is exerting pressure to make the law essentially ineffective. The reason are technical details in the Brussels guideline which are worked out by the European Securities and Markets Authority’s (ESMA).

New UN development goals: The United Nations have agreed on new development goals for the year 2030. The 193 member states agreed on 17 so-called Sustainable Development Goals. The SDG target calls for measures to eradicate forced labor, end modern slavery and human trafficking and eliminate the worst forms of child labor. World leaders will meet in September at the United Nations headquarters in New York to adopt the new development agenda.

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The Climate President: US President Barack Obama unveiled his initiative to fight climate change on Monday. The new proposal sets a benchmark of 32 percent reduction of carbon dioxide emissions from power plants compared to 2005 levels. Should the new resolutions be implemented, hundreds of coal-fired power plants would have to close. The news of the plan was already deeply criticized by Republican candidates.
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Search for refugees: A German, an Austrian, and one to two Italian police officers enter a train in Trient and search for refugees. Or to put it another way: The Italian is searching for refugees, the German and the Austrian are supervising him. It is a political asylum simulation: Italy, port for those refugees who have not died, has to make sure that the refugees don’t leave the country.

Europe is shrinking: According to the United Nations, Europe’s population will sink from currently 738 million people to 646 million. One of the causes of this is the development in eastern Europe. According to an UNO forecast, the population in the ten eastern European states will sink by 15 percent over the next 35 years. This includes Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, Romania, Serbia, the Ukraine, and Bosnia and Herzegovina. By 2100 the entire planet’s population will be rising past 11.2 billion.

Eurotunnel: More than 1,700 attempts to cross to Britain were stopped euronews.com
Picture of the year: EU Parliament publishes the best images of the year so far europarl.europa.eu
Acceptance: Trust in the EU Commission increased by nine percent compared to last year facebook.com/eu.kommission


Fidesz losing many votes – especially to the right-wing nationalist party Jobbik- in local elections last October is the reason for the anti-immigration campaign by Orban’s government. Since then the party has been on a desperate search for a topic that could stop another loss of votes.
Hungarian political scientist Andras Biro-Nagy sees Hungarian Prime Minister Orban’s shift to the right as a strategy.

Not everything can be bought. We have never fought against the coming and goings of any millionaires. We have fought against the fact that a millionaire one can bend the French laws.
Jean-Noel Falcou, local council of the French riviera town of Vallauris, supports residents who protested against Saudi Arabian King Salman on vacation in Vallauris.


Opposition accuses Erdogan of blockade: Turkey’s main opposition leader, Kemal Kilicdaroglu, has accused President Tayyip Erdogan of blocking efforts to form a coalition government. Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu was willing to sit down and form a coalition and save the country from its problems, said CHP leader Kilicdaroglu. The ruling AK Party, founded by Erdogan, held its final day of talks as it tries to find a junior coalition partner.

Protest in Mariupol: Ukraine says pro-Russian rebels have killed four of its soldiers and injured 15 in the past 24 hours. Hundreds of residents gathered in the Ukrainian port city of Mariupol to protest plans to create a demilitarised buffer zone between Kiev troops and pro-Russian rebels. Many Ukrainians are nervous of such a move and fear it will play into the hands of the separatists.
bbc.com, euronews.com

Consequences of strong franc for Swiss economy: In the Swiss border town of Kreuzlingen, the strength of the franc means locals in the town are crossing into Germany to shop in greater numbers, hurting domestic retailers. That’s compounding the impact of the exchange rate on the economy. Consumer prices are forecast to fall the most in six decades this year.

Russian police arrest homosexual activists: Several LGBT rights supporters have been arrested during a demonstration in St. Petersberg. The campaigners were protesting against the Russian city authority’s continued refusal to allow a gay pride parade to be held there. A female activist was taken to a police van after she unfurled a rainbow flag, while a young man was also detained. City authorities said three gay activists were detained.

Controversial British immigration law: Immigrants living in Britain illegally will face abrupt eviction from rental properties under new laws designed to make the country a tougher place to live in. Rogue landlords who fail to check the immigration status of tenants could be fined or imprisoned for up to five years under a new criminal offence to be included in the bill.

Great Britain: Trader jailed for 14 years over Libor rate-rigging bbc.com
Greece: Railway workers protest privatisation spiegel.de
Kosovo: Bottles thrown at Foreign Minister Hashim Thaci in protest against war crimes tribunal europeonline-magazine.eu
Great Britain: Abuse claims against former Prime Minister Sir Edward Heath bbc.com

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A 175 kilometer iron border fence to Serbia is intended to keep refugees from coming to Hungary. The country officially started building the fence on Monday.


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Elevator to the beach: Saudi Arabian King Salman has cut his three-week vacation in France short after just eight days. 150,000 residents of the French riviera town of Vallauris had signed a petition over the closure of a public beach outside Salman’s villa. Beachgoers welcomed the news that the sandy strip was now reopened to the public. Residents felt annoyed by the King’s massive 1,000-person entourage. The king’s installation of an elevator from the beach to the villa also provoked anger among residents.
euronews.com, telegraph.co.uk

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