The Troika is back: Greece’s three main official creditors are sending representatives back to Athens for negotiations with the Greek government. According to ECB Executive Board member Benoit Coeure, the eurozone no longer questions whether to restructure Greece’s debt but rather how best to go about it. After he divulged details about a plan to sneak out of the euro, the opposition wants to take former Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis to court.
chicagotribune.com, reuters.com, bloomberg.com

ECB sees no inflation turning point: It remains too early to identify a turning point in underlying inflation from a statistical point of view, the European Central Bank said on Monday. A weaker euro and the ECB’s quantitative-easing program are helping the economy find its feet. But consumer-price growth remains too low and unemployment, particularly in southern European states, is high.

Reforms in the eurozone: The International Monetary Fund has warned the eurozone faces a gloomy economic outlook thanks to lingering worries over Greece, high unemployment and a banking sector still battling to shake off the financial crisis. The IMF calls for an urgent collective push from the currency union to speed up reforms. The IMF’s latest healthcheck on the eurozone found it was susceptible to negative shocks as growth continues to falter.

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Juncker Fund supports France’s energy transition: The French energy transition has received another boost from the Juncker Plan’s investment fund with the signing of a new multi-million euro energy investment agreement.The European Investment Bank (EIB) will provide a 50 million euro capital injection to Omnes Capital, a private equity fund, for the launch of its third renewable energy fund, Capenergie 3.

Germany takes command of EU mission in Mali: Around two years after the start of the European Training Mission in Mali (EUTM), the command will transfer to German Bundeswehr Brigadier-General Franz Xaver Pfrengle. He takes over leadership from his colleague Spanish college Alfonso Garcia-Vaquero Pradal. EUTM was mandated two years ago to train Malian forces.

Council of Experts against European finance minister: The economic experts from the German council have joined the debate about a European finance minister and a tax authority for the EU. Four of the five experts warn against the creation of a European treasury. Such short-term integration steps contained risks in the long term, warned the economists.

State aid: Commission refers France to Court for failure to recover incompatible aid from airlines europa.eu
Electric mobility: Commission approves 33 million euro aid for charging infrastructure used by electrical vehicles in the Netherlands europa.eu
Heat wave: Wildfires take hold in Spain and France euronews.com


I would be crazy to deny that there are heated debates in many countries. Collectively, however, there is a majority for the deal in the EU, even if it is a silent majority. The criticism on the other hand is very loud.
EU Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmström is surprised about growing criticism against the free trade deal TTIP.

Erdogan’s supposed fight against IS is proving to be a pretext for attacks against the Kurds, who have caused him an electoral defeat.
The German Green party politician Omid Nouripour believes that Turkish President Erdogan is primarily taking action against the Kurds and not the “Islamic State” group.


Submarine in Sweden: The Swedish military is studying a video taken by shipwreck hunters who say it shows a wrecked submarine just off the eastern coast of Sweden. Cyrillic letters on the hull indicate that the submarine could be Russian. The discovery comes nine months after Swedish troops and ships unsuccessfully hunted for a Russian submarine cited to be near Stockholm.

Turkey plans safe zone: According to media reports Turkey and the United States are working on plans to provide air cover for Syrian rebels and jointly sweep “Islamic State” fighters from a strip of land along the Turkish border. Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said there were no plans to send ground troops into Syria. Police have meanwhile arrested suspected militants in dawn raids across Turkey. The crackdown on armed groups operating within Turkey’s borders comes alongside air strikes on Syria and Iraq.
reuters.com, bbc.com, euronews.com

Denmark starts campaign against migration: The new Danish government wants to make the country unattractive for refugees on the search for asylum. Integration Minister Inger Stojberg is planning a far-reaching information campaign in foreign newspapers to deter refugees from coming to Denmark.

French farmers block border routes: French farmers fighting what they call unfair competition have mounted blockades at the country’s borders. They are denouncing a lack of transparency about what is and is not grown in France. Farmers in Alsace agreed to lift their blockades at the German border on Monday after getting guarantees that Agriculture Minister Stephane Le Foll would meet them. Lorries coming in from Spain have also been targeted.

Croatia leaves arbitration with Slovenia: The Croatian government has said it plans to pull out of an arbitration panel created to resolved a long-running border row with Slovenia. Croatian Prime Minister Zoran Milanovic made the announcement after allegations emerged that a Slovenian member of the panel tried to undermine the proceedings’ impartiality. The decision to back out of the arbitration was supported by parliament.

Russian minority in Latvia: One third of the Latvian population is Russian. 25 years after the downfall of the Soviet Union, this minority is not well integrated into society. A majority of them does not even have civil rights. The fear that the Latvian culture could displace Russian culture has heavily influenced the country, especially the older generations.

Maccabi games in Berlin: Nearly eight decades after Adolf Hitler hosted the 1936 Olympics in Berlin, the all-Jewish European Maccabi Games will take place in the same city. More than 2,100 Jewish athletes from 39 countries will compete in Europe’s biggest Jewish sports event. The event begins Monday and is scheduled to include a Guinness Book world record attempt for the largest Friday evening Shabat ceremony.

Great Britain: Paparazzi track Prince William with app dailymail.co.uk
Austria: Federal Railway interested in taking over Greek state railway handelsblatt.com
Great Britain: Scotland Yard investigates allegations of drug use by Lord Sewel theguardian.com
Russia: Troubled rouble hit by oil price euronews.com

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75 deaths due to far-right politically motivated assaults were officially recorded in Germany since 1990. Of the 745 cases that were re-examined, there were at least 15 more cases nationwide related to far-right violence.


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Not funny: The “Moritz Magazine” of the German University Greifswald has printed a cartoon that is testing the limits of satire. In the comic, a scientist creates a “Greek who pays taxes” and a “Roamian who works”. The indignation about such an unelegant uses of stereotypes immediately followed.

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