Tuesday, 27 November 2018: Ukraine lawmakers approve martial law, British parliament to vote on Brexit deal in two weeks, Italy edges away from Brussels budget clash


Ukraine lawmakers approve martial law: A decree by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko to impose martial law on his country for 30 days was approved by Ukrainian lawmakers on Monday, while the US had severe words for Moscow at the UN, after Russian forces seized three Ukrainian naval vessels and their crews near the disputed Crimea region the day before. At an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council, US ambassador Nikki Haley warned Russia that its action in seizing the ships was an outrageous violation of sovereign Ukrainian territory. Several European nations, including Germany, France and Britain, issued a statement following the meeting that called for restraint and de-escalation, as well as reaffirmed recognition of Ukraine’s territorial integrity. Nato Secretary-General Jens Stoltenberg said there was no justification for the seizure of the Ukrainian ships and sailors. Nato called an emergency meeting with Ukraine on Monday. Meanwhile, there were protests in Kiev and demonstrations outside Russian embassies across the world. US President Donald Trump told reporters that he US doesn’t like what’s happening between Russia and Ukraine and that the international community is working together on it. German Chancellor Angela Merkel told Poroshenko that she would do everything to try to defuse the standoff between Ukraine and Russia, Poroshenko’s office said after a phone call between the two leaders.
dw.com, independent.co.uk, npr.org, reuters.com

British parliament to vote on Brexit deal in two weeks: The UK Parliament will vote on whether to support Prime Minister Theresa May’s Brexit deal on 11 December, according to several reports. May has defended her proposed Brexit deal in the Commons in the face of sustained criticism from the opposition and many Conservative MPs. She said the deal delivered on the result of the EU referendum, but she admitted she was not entirely happy with the backstop contingency plan to avoid a hard border in Ireland. Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn said ploughing on with a deal opposed by the public and MPs was an act of national self-harm. He suggested Parliament would have little choice but to reject the deal when MPs vote on it. US President Donald Trump said May’s deal sounded like a great deal for the EU that would stop the UK trading with the US. EU judges have dismissed a case brought by a 97-year-old war veteran and 12 other emigrant Britons objecting to the UK’s Brexit negotiations.
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European Greens refuse to march behind Macron’s party: Although the European Greens and La Republique en Marche! share common views on the European project, these should be promoted in a partnership of equals, Greens co-chair Reinhard Bütikofer told „Euractiv“ in an interview. The European Greens say that they have not heard anything either from French President Emmanuel Macron or from his party, La Republique en Marche. Bütikofer was commenting on reports according to which Macron will seek a partnership with the Greens and the social-democrats after the European elections in May next year. The Left party in Germany has presented its programme for the European elections.
euractiv.com (Green), zeit.de (Left)

Turkish police search villa as part of Khashoggi investigation: Turkish police have searched a villa in northwest Turkey in connection with the murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. Istanbul’s Chief Prosecutor’s office said Monday that the villa was searched because one of the Saudi suspects in the killing contacted a Saudi national who resides near Samanli the day before Khashoggi was murdered. Police officers searched the area with drones, and forensics officers, a fire brigade and sniffer dogs were at the scene on Monday, Turkish news outlets reported. As a reaction to Khashoggi’s murder, the Berlin-based PR firm WMP Eurocom has terminated its consulting services in Saudi Arabia.
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Renewables: EU slows down in race for renewables, energy efficiency euractiv.com
United States: President Trump threatens border shutdown if Mexico doesn’t remove migrants politico.eu


I made it very clear that we are not at war with Italy.
European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has insisted that the Commission has no plan to start a war with Italy over its budget.


Italy edges away from Brussels budget clash: Italy has shown the first signs of backing away from a budget clash with the EU, sparking a share rally in Rome. The Italian government said on Monday it was sticking to its main 2019 budget goals for now as it awaits a cost analysis of its main spending measures, but left open the possibility of eventually cutting its deficit target. Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte discussed the contested financial package with his two deputies, Matteo Salvini and Luigi Di Maio, against the backdrop of possible disciplinary action from Brussels unless the expansionary plans are altered. The EU Commission has threatened fines unless Italy revises its plans.
theguardian.com, reuters.com, bbc.com

Macron criticises Paris protests: French President Emmanuel Macron has criticised the battle scenes in central Paris between police and protesters over the weekend. He warned his cabinet on Monday that violent protests against diesel tax hikes in France risked unnerving foreigners and pressed his government to respond to the concerns of voters. Police on Saturday fired tear gas and water cannons at thousands of protesters who trashed restaurants and shop-fronts. Thirty-one people were injured in the clashes, 24 protesters and seven police officers. The protests were sparked by anger over fuel tax rises. The demonstrations, now in their second week, have also seen the „yellow vests“ protesters block roads across the country, impeding access to some fuel depots, out-of-town shopping malls and factories.
euronews.com, theguardian.com

Latvian populist party candidate nominated for PM post: Latvia’s President Raimonds Vejonis nominated populist party candidate Aldis Gobzems on Monday to become prime minister and try to form a government. Gobzems, whose party is the second largest in parliament, is the second candidate to be given a chance to form a government after Janis Bordans of the New Conservative party failed to gather enough support earlier this month. He has two weeks to put together a Cabinet and secure majority support in parliament after an inconclusive election last month.
politico.eu, reuters.com

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German President warns against extremism in police: Frank-Walter Steinmeier has warned against the risk of extremism within the police force. Speaking at the opening of the 26th conference of the GdP police officers‘ trade union in Berlin, Steinmeier said police who display mistrust in liberal democracy or who set up networks that argue against democratic institutions and their leaders should never be accepted. He also criticised the job cuts that have affected the security agencies over the last few years, and welcomed the request coming from the police ranks for an improved level of staffing. But the problem, according to Steinmeier, doesn’t only lie with the police. A lack for resources for courts and public prosecutors has also had a lasting effect on German security.


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Salvini leads demolition of mafia villa: Italian Interior Minister Matteo Salvini on Monday personally launched the demolition of a luxury villa illegally built in Rome by its most infamous and entrenched Mafia clan, the Casamonica. Salvini boarded a digger and posed for media wearing a protective helmet before members of the Italian army started demolishing the villa, which will be used as a children’s playground.



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