Tuesday, 10 October 2017: EU hits back at Theresa May, Eurogroup says will miss Schäuble, Spanish Premier issues warning against Catalan separatists


EU hits back at Theresa May: Britain and its EU partners clashed on Monday over which side should make the next move to unblock Brexit talks. EU Commission spokesman Margaritis Schinas said the ball was entirely in the UK court. Schinas said this sentiment had been clearly expressed by most if not all political groups in the EU Parliament. While most London-based bankers are brushing up on their German to prepare for a move to Frankfurt post-Brexit, senior staff at French investment banks expect to bend to government pressure to bring jobs home to Paris.
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Eurogroup says will miss Schäuble: Eurozone finance ministers bade farewell on Monday to German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble, the controversial champion of budget discipline during the eurozone crisis, who is stepping down after eight years in office to become the president of the German parliament. Dutchman Jeroen Dijsselbloem will continue as president of the Eurogroup of euro zone finance ministers until his term expires in January even though he will no longer be the finance minister of the Netherlands. The chair of eurozone finance ministers said on Monday there was strong support among the bloc’s 19 states to give the eurozone bailout fund a backstop role for the European banking fund.
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New Cohesion report: On Monday the EU Commission published the 7th Cohesion report, taking the pulse of EU regions, drawing lessons from cohesion spending during the crisis years and setting the scene for Cohesion Policy after 2020. Analyzing the current state of the EU’s economic, social and territorial cohesion, the Cohesion report brings our Union under a magnifying glass: Europe’s economy is bouncing back but disparities persist between and within member states.

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Time to end high debt, loose policies: Policymakers attending IMF and World Bank meetings this week should agree to end ultra-loose monetary policies and high fiscal debt, a senior German government official said on Monday. It would be an excellent time to get a strong commitment to put an end to excessive debts and loose policies, said Ludger Schuknecht, chief economist of German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble.

EU Parliament: New watchdog over EU police cooperation europarl.europa.eu
Declaration: World Day against the Death Penalty consilium.europa.eu
Mogherini: Preservation of Iran agreement is mandatory deutschlandfunk.de


I hope that those prevail in Spain, who understand that, as the Spanish Prime Minister has said, law and constitution are the basis on which we operate.
German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble declined to get drawn into a discussion on the situation in Catalonia.


Spanish Premier issues warning against Catalan separatists: Spain’s Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy on Monday issued a warning to the country’s would-be breakaway region of Catalonia, saying Madrid would prevent any move toward independence. The Spanish government said it would respond immediately to any such unilateral declaration. German Chancellor Angela Merkel spoke to Rajoy on Saturday, stressing her support for Spain’s unity but encouraging dialogue, her spokesman said.
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Strike in France on Tuesday: The eight largest unions have called on France’s 5.4 million civil servants to stay off the job Tuesday and take part in 130 protest marches across the country. The civil service strike will be felt most in schools, hospitals, and government offices. The French government plans to allow a total of 10,000 refugees from certain countries outside of Europe to enter its territory legally over the next two years. Italian police said on Sunday they had arrested the brother of the Marseille attacker.
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Merkel agrees to limits on accepting refugees: German Chancellor Angela Merkel has agreed to limit the number of asylum seekers allowed to enter Germany each year to 200,000, a concession to her Bavarian partners as she tries to form a government after losing seats to the far right in elections last month. The initial reaction from the Greens indicated that reaching an agreement on limiting the number of refugees could prove difficult.

Bosnian Muslim commander: Naser Oric acquitted at war crimes trial in Sarajevo dw.com
Czech Republic: Election front-runner charged with subsidy fraud politico.eu


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Coalition deal reached after 208 days: Four Dutch political parties finally made a deal to form a coalition government on Monday, 208 days after the election. The negotiations equaled the record-setting 208 days required to a form a coalition government in 1977. The new coalition will control just 76 seats in the 150-seat lower house, giving it a slim majority.



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