Tuesday, 06 March 2018: May says UK can set example to world in Brexit deal, EU Commission to discuss reaction to US tariffs, Renzi resigns after Italian election


May says UK can set example to world in Brexit deal: The UK can set an example to the world in the way it negotiates a new relationship with the EU after Brexit, British Prime Minister Theresa May has said. In a statement to Parliament, the PM said the task would be complex but a deal was in both sides‘ interests. She insisted she would not allow Brexit to disrupt progress made in Northern Ireland through a hard border. May suggested the US-Canada border as a possible model for the island of Ireland. Challenged on her claim by the shadow Brexit minister, Jenny Chapman, who pointed to the presence of armed customs guards on the US-Canada border, May said it was just one of several examples being examined.
bbc.com, theguardian.com

EU Commission to discuss reaction to US tariffs on Wednesday: European Commissioners will discuss on Wednesday the EU’s reaction to planned US import tariffs on steel and aluminum, the Commission said on Monday, adding that the root cause of problems for those metal sectors was overcapacity. US President Donald Trump announced last Thursday that the United States would impose duties of 25 percent on imported steel and 10 percent on aluminum. EU Budget Commissioner Guenther Oettinger said the bloc would take proportionate measures in response to US tariffs.

EU to order financial advisers to think green: EU rules on financial advice will be amended to promote green investments, with asset managers forced to show how they consider sustainable growth in their decisions, an EU document showed. The EU Commission is due as soon as this week to publish its action plan for financing sustainable growth, such as by favouring investment in projects that help combat climate change. The Commission will propose a draft law in the second quarter to begin compiling an EU taxonomy or checklist of investments and financing activities that are deemed green, or promote sustainable economic growth. The checklist would be used by regulators to ease capital requirements for banks that make loans to green projects, or by the bloc to stamp an EU label on climate friendly financial products.

EU Council removes Nord Stream 2 legal hurdles: The EU Commission sees Russia’s plan to double the gas it could pump under the Baltic Sea to Germany, bypassing traditional routes via Ukraine, as undercutting EU efforts to reduce dependence on Moscow and its support for Kyiv. The Commission proposed to extend EU internal energy market rules to cover offshore gas pipelines. But the legal services of the Council – representing EU member states – has opposed the EU executive’s legislative proposal.

One fifth of the budget: German minister calls for climate quotas in EU budget spiegel.de
Israel: Guatemala to move its embassy to Jerusalem in May cnn.com


If this is cherry-picking, so is every trade arrangement.
British Prime Minister Theresa May said Brussels needed to face up to the challenges it faced in the ongoing Brexit negotiations in an address to MPs in Parliament. She said the UK would continue to fight for a bespoke deal which suited the country – but denied this constituted cherry-picking.


Renzi resigns after Italian election: Former Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi resigned as leader of the Democratic Party (PD) on Monday following the party’s defeat in Sunday’s election. He said the PD must now turn a new page after suffering a clear defeat. According to preliminary results, the PD looked set to come third with about 19 percent of the vote — less than half their peak at the European elections in 2014. The 5 Star Movement emerged as the single largest party with more than 32 percent. Lega Nord chief Matteo Salvini said he has a right to govern after winning 17 percent of the vote.
politico.eu, dw.com

Turkish court rejects release of Greek soldiers: A Turkish court on Monday rejected a request for the release of two Greek soldiers who were arrested for illegally entering the country illegally entering the country. The two men were arrested on Friday for entering a prohibited military zone in the northern province of Edirne. They told prosecutors that they had mistakenly entered through a border crossing after following footprints in the snow in an attempt to stop migrant smuggling. Greece has said the two soldiers had been on a border patrol when they strayed from their route, calling it the result of a mistake because of poor weather and saying it expected their swift return.
dw.com, reuters.com

Turkey asks Germany to extradite Syrian Kurdish leader: Turkey on Monday asked German authorities to detain and extradite Salih Muslim, the founder and former co-chair of Syria’s Democratic Union Party (PYD). Muslim was detained in Prague last week on a Turkish arrest warrant while attending a conference on the Middle East. A Czech court later ordered his release on the assurance that he will remain in European Union territory and cooperate in any further proceedings in his extradition case. Turkey, which considers the PYD a terrorist group, wants Muslim extradited to face terrorism charges. Muslim rejects the allegations. A spokesman for Germany’s interior ministry declined to comment on the case of Muslim, citing privacy rules.

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Investment surge helps Greek economy avoid stagnation: Greek economic growth slowed in the fourth quarter, with a long-awaited surge in investment ensuring the country just managed to avoid stagnation. Gross domestic product rose 0.1 percent, down from a revised 0.4 percent in the previous quarter, the Hellenic Statistical Authority said Monday. The economy grew 1.4 percent in 2017, marking only its second full-year expansion for a decade. While the annual growth was the highest since the economic crisis wiped out a quarter of Greek GDP, it fell short of the government’s forecast of 1.6 percent.

Germany 1: Angela Merkel looks set for a fourth term as Chancellor euronews.com
Germany 2: Energy executive victim of acid attack bloomberg.com
Belgium: Eight arrested in anti-terror investigation abcnews.go.com


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Merkel rejects making German anthem gender neutral: German Chancellor Angela Merkel doesn’t want the German national anthem to change, the chancellor’s spokesman said on Monday after the country’s equality commissioner suggested making the song gender neutral. German media reported at the weekend that Equality Commissioner Kristin Rose-Möhring wrote to staff at the family ministry and proposed removing male-specific terms from the anthem. Rose-Möhring, a member of the Social Democratic Party, reportedly suggested replacing Vaterland (fatherland) with Heimatland (homeland), as well as changing the phrase “brotherly with heart and hand” to “courageously with heart and hand.”



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