Thursday, 19 September 2019: Second day of prorogation battle ends, Saudi Arabia holds Iran responsible for attacks, Juncker and Barnier defend backstop for Ireland, Macron for new approach to migrant policy in Europe


Second day of prorogation battle ends: The UK Supreme Court began three days of hearings on Tuesday to decide whether Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s advice to the Queen regarding the suspension of parliament was unlawful. The government’s lawyer, Sir James Eadie QC, said it was not for the courts to design a set of rules over prorogation as it was a political matter. But Eadie conceded it was legitimate for the courts to ascertain whether use of prerogative powers should be subject to judicial review. A senior government source told the BBC No 10 believed the Supreme Court would judge that prorogation was a matter for the courts and would fire warning shots about how a government should not use this to close parliament illegitimately.,,

Soldier F Bloody Sunday case adjourned: The prosecution of a former soldier accused of two murders on Bloody Sunday has reached a courtroom for the first time. The case of “Soldier F”, who also faces five attempted murder charges in relation to the shootings in Derry on 30 January 1972, was heard before a district judge in Derry magistrates court. The case was adjourned until later this year to allow defence and prosecution to prepare for the committal proceedings.,

Labour heading for Brexit showdown in Brighton: Labour MPs and activists are gearing up for a fight over Brexit at the party’s conference in Brighton next week, after Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn made clear he was ready to take Britain out of the EU if a Labour deal was backed by the public in a second referendum. Norwich South MP Clive Lewis said some activists were likely to feel despondent on reading Corbyn’s words. There was no such thing as a good Brexit, Lewis said. Some members of the shadow cabinet, including John McDonnell and Emily Thornberry, have signalled that they would campaign for Remain in any future referendum, whatever deal a Labour government was able to secure.

Report: Home Office doomed to repeat the mistakes of Windrush
Green party MP Lucas: Criticism of Lib Dem revoke and remain stance
David Cameron: Former PM Cameron sought Queen’s help over Scottish independence


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Saudi Arabia holds Iran responsible for attacks: Saudi Arabia has displayed recovered evidence from the drone strikes on two oil installations, saying it showed the attacks were unquestionably sponsored by Iran. US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo also accused Iran of being responsible for the attacks, as he met with Saudi leaders to discuss building a coalition to deter further attacks. US President Donald Trump has pledged to substantially increase sanctions on Iran. France is sending experts to Saudi Arabia to investigate the origin of the drone strikes. Iranian President Hassan Rouhani said Yemenis had targeted Saudi oil facilities as a warning about a possible wider war in response to the kingdom’s US-backed intervention in Yemen. Yemen’s Houthi rebels said Wednesday they had identified dozens of sites in the United Arab Emirates as possible targets. Saudi Arabia has announced its decision to join the US-led maritime security operation in the Persian Gulf. (Saudi Arabia); (Pompeo); (Sanctions); (France); (Rouhani); (Houthis); (Gulf)

Juncker and Barnier defend backstop for Ireland: EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has called on the British government to table proposals to resolve the Brexit deadlock. Juncker said Britain must present realistic proposals to replace the Irish backstop arrangement in the withdrawal agreement, calling it a safety net to avoid a divided Ireland after Brexit. The EU’s chief negotiator, Michel Barnier, said he and his team were open to any UK proposal. But he also underscored the enormous gap between the two sides in finding an alternative to the Irish backstop. Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has announced another Scottish independence referendum in case of a no-deal Brexit. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has invited EU Parliament President David Sassoli to meet in person in London and stressed the importance of the EU Parliament in the Brexit process. The new EU Parliament has reaffirmed its support for an orderly Brexit based on the already negotiated withdrawal agreement., (Juncker and Barnier); (Sturgeon); (Sassoli); (EU Parliament)

New investment clause fails to win member state support: In a recent report, the European Fiscal Board recommended including a so-called golden rule in the Stability and Growth Pact. This clause would exclude EU member states’ additional expenditure on EU projects co-financed by them when assessing national expenditure against spending limits. However, only a small group of countries are in favour of introducing a golden rule to take advantage of the low interests and invest in the green economy or digital transformation.

Free trade agreement: Austria blocks Mercusor agreement
Emissions: European passenger car registrations slump
Migrants: 100% increase on the Aegean route
EU accession: Merkel does not want to name date for Serbia’s accession
Research programme: MEPs boost support for EU research and Erasmus


The risk of a no-deal is very real.
Outgoing EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has warned that Britain is headed for a damaging no-deal Brexit.


Macron for new approach to migrant policy in Europe: During a visit to Italy, French President Emmanuel Macron called for more efficient immigration and asylum policies in Europe. He said the European policy on asylum seekers and migration needed more humanity, solidarity and efficiency. Europe was collectively inefficient at protecting those who had the right to seek asylum and sending back those who did not. Macron said he was convinced that an automatic European mechanism of taking in refugees was needed.,

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British Airways pilots call off strike: British Airways pilots have called off a strike planned for 27 September. The pilots’ union Balpa said previous strikes had demonstrated the anger and resolve of pilots. It was now time for a period of reflection before the dispute escalated further and irreparable damage was done to the brand. Balpa said it hoped British Airways would now change its approach and negotiate seriously with a view to ending the dispute.,

Italy 1: “Bunga bunga” witness was not murdered
Italy 2: Government cuts growth forecast
Austria: Former FPÖ leader Strache accuses ÖVP leader Kurz of breach of promise
Denmark: Second arrest after attack on tax authority

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Boris Johnson confronted by angry father on hospital visit: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson was confronted by an angry father over NHS cuts during a hospital visit. The father, a Labour activist campaigning against Brexit, said there had been years and years of the NHS being destroyed. He also accused the government of wrecking the NHS while using its hospitals as a backdrop for political campaigning.,,


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