Monday, April 15th 2019: Corbyn under pressure to make referendum offer, Daimler under fire again for emissions cheating, “Yellow Vest” clashes in Toulouse


Corbyn under pressure to make referendum offer: Britain’s Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn is under pressure from within his shadow cabinet to give a commitment to a new Brexit referendum as part of Labour’s European election campaign offer. Corbyn’s team is currently engaged in talks with the Conservatives in an effort to find a Brexit compromise deal that can enjoy majority support in the House of Commons, with a referendum having been discussed during the negotiations. A string of senior shadow ministers are advocating a new public vote, alongside MPs from the left and right of the party, buoyed by a groundswell of support from the membership.

Merkel pulls out of European elections event: German Chancellor Angela Merkel has upset the new leader of her Christian Democratic party (CDU) party, Annegret Kramp-Karrenbauer, by canceling a key event for the European elections, leading to speculation that the two leading figures in German politics have fallen out over the party’s new identity. Merkel informed Kramp-Karrenbauer at the eleventh hour that she will not travel to Munster to jointly open the CDU campaign for May’s European elections, newspaper “Welt am Sonntag” reported on Sunday. The last minute snub was an embarrassment to Kramp-Karrenbauer, who had already informed party colleagues that the Chancellor was to appear and ordered corresponding security measures to be taken.

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Rescue ship “Alan Kurdi” on the Mediterranean: Rescue groups talk about a shameful episode
Alliance including Lega and AfD: European right-wing populists without joint program for European elections


If we are going to find an agreement there needs to be movement on both sides.
British cabinet minister David Lidington has suggested the two sides in Brexit talks are considering whether there was a mechanism to deliver the benefits of a customs union while also enabling the UK to have an independent trade policy and input into EU agreements affecting the UK.


Daimler under fire again for emissions cheating: Daimler is accused of installing so-called defeat device software in thousands of its SUV vehicles in an investigation launched by the German Federal Motor Transport Authority, German “Bild” newspaper reported Sunday. The investigation is focusing on another illegal defeat device installed in around 60,000 vehicles produced between 2012 and 2015 with the exhaust emission standard 5. “Bild” reported that regulators discovered the controversial software in late 2018. It said further emissions tests with a GLK model then confirmed their suspicion. A Daimler spokesperson said the company was fully cooperating with the authorities.,

“Yellow Vest” clashes in Toulouse: France’s “Yellow Vest” protesters took to the streets for a 22nd straight Saturday, leading to clashes with police in the southwestern city of Toulouse, while the capital Paris remained calm. Around 31,000 Yellow Vests turned out across France, including about 5,000 in Paris. Police used tear gas and water cannon in Toulouse to keep demonstrators out of the center of the city, French television showed. Parts of Paris and some regional cities were declared off limits to protesters following an eruption of violence last month. Activist groups had said on social media networks that Toulouse would be the focus for the 22nd round of demonstrations, prompting city mayor Jean-Claude Moudenc to express concern ahead of the protests.,

Finland: Social Democrats win close election victory
Hungary: Orban campaigns with conspiracy theories

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Poroshenko debates empty podium: Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko debated with an empty podium after his rival Volodymyr Zelensky – a TV star and comedian- failed to appear at Kiev’s Olympic Stadium. The two men had agreed to the televised debate last week, but failed to agree on the date it would take place. Zelensky had favored this coming Friday, two days before they go head to head in the election run-off. Poroshenko, who is trailing his rival after winning just 16% of the first round vote, appeared to be hoping to capitalize on Zelensky’s failure to arrive at Kiev’s Olympiyskiy Stadium for the televised face-off and sang an altered version of a Ukrainian folk song about a no-show date.,


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