Monday, 26. November 2018: EU and UK agree on Brexit divorce terms, Marches across Europe to end violence against women, EU and Nato call for Moscow to restore access to Kerch strait


EU and UK agree on Brexit divorce terms: British Prime Minister Theresa May has obtained the approval of the other 27 European Union members on a formal divorce pact from the bloc. In an open letter to the nation, May said she would campaign heart and soul to get the deal approved. The UK Parliament is expected to vote on the deal on 12 December, but its approval is far from guaranteed. European leaders warned that negotiations could not be reopened should the British Parliament reject the deal. EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker said it was a sad day and no-one should be raising champagne glasses at the prospect of the UK leaving. Several European leaders expressed regret that Brexit was taking place. French President Emmanuel Macron said Brexit had proved that „our European Union has a certain fragility“ and that it can always be improved. German Chancellor Angela Merkel struck a similarly sombre tone, telling reporters it was tragic that Britain was exiting the EU but good the two sides had reached an agreement.,,

Marches across Europe to end violence against women: Thousands of people took to the streets of countries around the globe on Sunday, a day set aside by the United Nations to raise awareness of and to protest violence against women. In Madrid, demonstrators seeking to pressure the Spanish government to address gender violence held signs reading „No is No“. In Rome, Italian women expressed their disgust at the high levels of domestic violence in the country, and the atmosphere created by the hard-right elements in Italy’s coalition government. There was a similar march in Paris. Women across Europe called for better access to abortions and improved litigation of sexual harassment. Antonio Tajani, the president of the European Parliament, put a red mark under his eye on Sunday while speaking at a European Union summit meeting on Brexit. Berlin is set to make history as the first German state to declare International Women’s Day an official public holiday.,,, (Tajani), (Berlin)

Varoufakis to run in European election — in Germany: Former Greek finance minister Yanis Varoufakis has announced he will stand in next May’s European elections — representing Germany. At a press conference in Berlin on Sunday, Varoufakis accepted the nomination on behalf of the Democracy in Europe Movement 2025. Varoufakis insisted he meets the requirements for representing Germany, including that nationals of other EU countries have a residence in Germany. Varoufakis was outspoken in his opposition to the reforms and austerity measures imposed on Greece by its creditors. The European Greens picked Germany’s Ska Keller and Dutchman Bas Eickhout as co-candidates for EU Commission president, at the party’s congress Saturday, making them the faces of the party’s campaign in the May 2019 European election. (Varoufakis), (Greens)

Claims of gas attack in Aleppo: The Syrian government on Sunday accused rebels of attacking the Syrian city of Aleppo with poison gas. Syria called on the United Nations to condemn its rebel foes after an apparent attack with unidentified chemicals in the city of Aleppo sent scores of choking victims to hospitals. It was not immediately clear who had launched the attack on Saturday or what substance was used. Medics reported a flood of patients with breathing troubles, inflamed eyes and other symptoms after a shelling attack that Syrian and Russian officials blamed on the rebels. The rebels, who have denied carrying out any chemical attacks, accused the government of trying to undermine the ceasefire. In response to the attack, Syrian warplanes have attacked rebel-held areas in the north of the country. Raed Fares, one of Syria’s most prominent activists, has been assassinated in the rebel-held enclave of Idlib.,, (Activist)

Migration Pact: Slovak government will not approve UN migration pact
Air quality: Macedonia tops European pollution poll


Those who think that, by rejecting the deal, they would get a better deal, will be disappointed.
EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker has urged the British parliament to ratify the Brexit deal the bloc sealed with British Prime Minister Theresa May, saying it was the only one possible.


EU and Nato call for Moscow to restore access to Kerch strait: Russia’s coast guard opened fire on and seized three of Ukraine’s vessels Sunday, wounding two crew members, after a tense standoff in the Black Sea near the Crimean Peninsula, the Ukrainian navy said. The incident in and around the Kerch Strait, a narrow body of water separating the Black and Azov Seas, marked a pivot in the undeclared war, now nearly five years old, between the former members of the Soviet Union. Russia blamed Ukraine for provoking the incident. The Ukrainian Navy, however, left little ambiguity in asserting that its ships had been attacked. The European Union and Nato called for restraint from both sides and for Moscow to restore access to the strait, which Ukraine uses to move ships to and from ports on either side of the peninsula. Ukraine’s President Petro Poroshenko said that he will propose that Parliament declares martial law on Monday. Martial law is typically instated during a temporary crisis, and can impose military control on state institutions and restrict civil liberties.,,

Conte confident of EU budget deal after meeting Juncker: Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte has promised to still reach an agreement with the European Commission on the country’s draft 2019 budget. Saturday’s working dinner between Conte and EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on the 13th floor of the Berlaymont was not conclusive and served only to start a dialogue meant to avoid the triggering of the excessive budget procedure against Italy. But Rome confirmed that the main reforms included in the disputed budget will stay unchanged. Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini has accused Malta of sending boat refugees back to Italy.,, (Malta)

Cleanup after protests in Paris: One of the world’s great avenues looked like a war zone on Sunday after a night of rioting between French police and protesters on the Champs Elysee in Paris. French President Emmanuel Macron tweeted his disgust at the violence, which led to 44 arrests and 19 injured. His interior minister Christophe Castaner went further, calling the protesters seditious and labelling them supporters of the far right. The march was billed as a peaceful protest, and there are allegations the far-right inflitrated the crowd looking for a fight. However many present said they had no political affiliations, and deplored the violence while at the same time criticising the police response, which involved tear gas and water cannons.,

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UK Parliament seizes cache of Facebook internal papers: The British Parliament has seized internal Facebook documents that hold information about the firm’s decisions that led to the Cambridge Analytica scandal, „The Guardian“ reported Sunday. The documents could help reveal how Cambridge Analytica managed to misuse Facebook data belonging to millions of people to influence democratic processes, like the US elections and the Brexit referendum. The seizure is the latest move in a bitter battle between the British parliament and the social media giant.,

Georgia: Tens of thousands protest against presidential candidate

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US agents use tear gas as migrants try to breach US-Mexico border: All border traffic was halted at the busy crossing between the US city of San Diego and the Mexican city of Tijuana on Sunday for several hours after migrants from Central America attempted to make their way over the border fence, the US Customs and Border Protection agency said. After a few migrants tried to breach the fence separating the two countries, they were enveloped with tear gas shot by US agents. Migrants sought to squeeze through gaps in the wire, climb over fences and peel back metal sheeting to enter. Most of them say they are fleeing violence and poverty in their home countries and hope for asylum. Thousands more are travelling through Mexico toward the border with the same aspirations.,



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