Monday, 25 July: Munich gunman planned attack for a year, Amnesty International torture allegations, Policewoman in Nice harassed over report


Munich gunman planned attack for a year: The teenage gunman who killed nine people and wounded 35 more in Munich on Friday had been planning the attack for a year. The 18-year-old German of Iranian descent had also received psychiatric treatment as recently as June, police said. He took his own life following the attack. Later on Sunday, Munich police said they had arrested a 16-year-old Afghan on suspicion of knowing about the planned attack, but failing to inform authorities. In the wake of the shooting, German leaders on Sunday were already preparing talks on stricter gun control.,

Amnesty International torture allegations: The London-based human rights group has gathered credible evidence that people detained in the wake of Turkey’s failed coup were being tortured. In a statement released Sunday, Amnesty said detainees held in official and unofficial detention centres in Istanbul and Ankara were being beaten, tortured and raped at the hands of police. Tens of thousands of supporters of Turkey’s ruling and main opposition parties, usually bitter foes, rallied together on Sunday in support of democracy following a failed military coup as President Tayyip Erdogan tightens his grip on the country.,,

G20 want to lift growth as Brexit weighs: The world’s biggest economies will work to support global growth and better share the benefits of trade, policymakers said on Sunday after a meeting dominated by the impact of Britain’s exit from Europe. There could be volatility in financial markets throughout the negotiations in the years ahead, Britain’s new finance minister Philip Hammond said after the meeting of finance ministers and central bankers from the Group of 20 (G20) major economies in China’s southwestern city of Chengdu.

EU aims to lift visas on Turks: Short term visa for Turks visiting European Union states may still be lifted despite a purge led by the Turkish government that has seen thousands of judges, civil servants and teachers detained or suspended from their jobs. There was still hope that this process could reach completion sometime after the summer break, chief European Commission spokesman Margaritis Schinas told reporters in Brussels on Friday.

Unemployment: 3 in 4 Europeans want EU to do more to create jobs
Monsanto, Bayer: EU approves genetically modified soybeans
US Democratic National Committee: Wasserman Schultz resigning as party leader
Syria: Airstrikes in Aleppo hit five clinics


Germany’s one of our closest allies, so we are going to pledge all the support that they may need in dealing with these circumstances.
US President Barack Obama offered his condolences and support after the attack at a crowded Munich shopping mall.


Policewoman in Nice harassed over report: French Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve has said he will sue for libel after a senior police officer said she was harassed to change her report on the Nice terror attack. The policewoman, Sandra Bertin, was in charge of security cameras. She said she had been told to report the presence of national police units, although she had not seen them. The government has repeatedly rejected this accusation.,

Budget fines for Spain and Portugal: The EU Commission is considering the possibility of sanctioning Spain and Portugal for missing budget deficit targets. Last week, finance ministers from the 28-nation EU agreed that neither country had taken effective action to correct their excessive deficits. Fines could amount to 0.2 percent of each country’s GDP and block EU funding from the start of next year. Spanish Economy Minister Luis de Guindos said he doesn’t expect the EU to fine Spain or Portugal.,

Italian coast guard rescued 2,100 migrants: Some 2,150 migrants and refugees were rescued from boats and dinghies in the Strait of Sicily in 18 separate operations on Friday, the Italian coast guard said. On Sunday, 1,000 rescued refugees and migrants, including many children, were brought into the port of Cagliari in Sardinia. The Italian coast guard released footage of three of the rescue operations, including a mission during which 375 people were rescued from three crammed rubber dinghies.

Will Netherlands follow Brexit with Nexit?: It is not yet three months since the last referendum in the Netherlands. In April, voters decisively rejected closer political and economic ties between the EU and Ukraine. Two weeks later, MPs voted by 75 to 71 to turn their backs on that vote – and endorse the agreement anyway. At the same time, polls in the Netherlands have been strikingly similar to those in the UK. They have shown a country split down the middle, on whether or not to hold an in/out referendum – and on whether to stay or leave if they do.

Germany: Syrian migrant kills woman in machete attack
Russia: IOC decides not to ban full Russian team from Olympics
Poland: Pope Francis visits catholic youth
France: Delays leave British tourists bound for France stranded

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Donald Trump demands tougher controls for French and Germans: The US presidential candidate has suggested terrorist attacks in  France and Germany were their own fault and citizens of those compromised countries could be subject to extreme vetting before entering the United States. When asked in an interview if that might lead to a point when not a lot of people from overseas are allowed in, the Republican presidential nominee said that it might get to that point.


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