Monday, 16 July 2018: Trump describes EU, Russia, and China as foes, Germany to take 50 migrants from ships caught in Italy-Malta row, Finns rally against Trump, Putin ahead of Helsinki summit


Trump describes EU, Russia, and China as foes: On the eve of his meeting with Russia’s President Vladimir Putin, US President Donald Trump rattled allies once more by labeling the European Union a „foe“ with regard to trade, lumping in the EU with China and Russia as US economic adversaries. Trump and Putin will meet this Monday in Helsinki for their first stand-alone meeting since Trump took office in January 2017. In an interview with CBS Evening News anchor Jeff Glor in Scotland, released on Sunday, Trump was asked to identify his biggest foe globally right now. Trump answered that he thought the EU was a foe, in regards to what the bloc did to the United States in trade. He also named Russia and China as foes, but added that this didn’t mean they were bad, just that they were competitive. Trump has said he intends to run for re-election in 2020, stating that there were no Democratic candidates who could defeat him, the „Mail on Sunday“ newspaper reported.,,

May says Trump advised her to sue the EU: US President Donald Trump has told UK Prime Minister Theresa May that she should take legal action against the EU, May said on Sunday. „He told me I should sue the EU,“ the British prime minister told Andrew Marr in a BBC interview. „Not go into negotiations, sue them.“ The comments were made during the US president’s visit to the UK on Friday. May indicated she had disregarded the advice, saying that Britain was going into negotiations with the EU. On Friday, Trump had said he gave May a suggestion on how to handle the Brexit talks, without revealing what it was. Meanwhile, May has warned conservative MPs that they could be putting Brexit at risk. Some long-standing Leave campaigners are unhappy with her Brexit White Paper which proposes a common rulebook with the EU for traded goods.,,

Germany to take 50 migrants from ships caught in Italy-Malta row: Germany, France and Malta have each agreed to host 50 of the 450 asylum seekers recently picked up by two boats off the Italian coast. Spain and Portugal also agreed to take in 100 of the 450 migrants, but only if Italy will allow some migrants to disembark in Sicily. Two ships, one operated by the EU border agency and one owned by Italy’s tax police, had picked up the migrants on Saturday near the Italian island of Linosa. The asylum seekers originally sailed from Libya on a large fishing boat. Italian Prime Minister Giuseppe Conte had sent letters to the heads of the 27 other EU members asking them to share responsibility for the migrants, while Italian far-right Interior Minister Matteo Salvini insisted the boat could not dock in Italy. Italy’s new populist government, which came to power on the 1st of June, has upended years of migrant policy by banning rescue ships run by migration charities from docking in Italian ports, accusing them of aiding human traffickers.,,

EU, China seek closer ties as US turns against trade: Leaders of the EU and China, the US‘ most significant trading partners, are meeting in Beijing this Monday for their annual EU-China summit, where global and bilateral trade and investment relations top the agenda. European Council President Donald Tusk and European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker are representing the EU side. They will hold talks with senior Chinese officials, including President Xi Jinping and Premier Li Keqiang, on a raft of global economic and security challenges, including the Iran nuclear deal, the situation in Syria and climate change. Given the current escalation in trade tensions with the US by the imposition of tit-for-tat tariffs, both sides are expected to express their support for a rules-based international trading system under the auspices of the World Trade Organisation (WTO).

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My message to the country this weekend is simple: we need to keep our eyes on the prize. If we don’t, we risk ending up with no Brexit at all.
British Prime Minister Theresa May has warned her divided party that there may be no Brexit at all if they wrecked her plan to forge a close relationship with the EU after leaving the world’s biggest trading bloc.


Finns rally against Trump, Putin ahead of Helsinki summit: About 2,500 protesters demonstrated in support of human rights, democracy and the environment in Helsinki on Sunday, a day before US President Donald Trump and Russian President Vladimir Putin hold a summit in the Finnish capital. Demonstrators brandished banners that read „Make peace, not war“, „Refugees are welcome“ and „Make human rights great again!“ Some waved rainbow flags to protest against what they see as homophobic laws and attitudes in Russia. Helsinki — a venue which evokes memories of Cold War show-downs between the Soviet Union and the United States — has introduced security measures for the summit, including temporary border checks. Trump arrived in Helsinki on Sunday evening after spending the day playing golf at his private club in Scotland. Thousands of people marched through the Scottish capital Edinburgh on Saturday protesting against Trump’s visit. Putin is due to arrive in Helsinki just ahead of the talks on Monday.,

German foreign minister warns Trump over Putin meeting: German Foreign Minister Heiko Maas warned US President Donald Trump Sunday to be careful with what he agrees to when he meets Russian President Vladimir Putin on Monday. One-sided deals at the expense of one’s own partners would end up hurting the United States as well, Maas told the German newspaper „Bild am Sonntag“. Trump has said he expects his meeting with Putin to be the easiest part of his Europe trip. His planned meeting with Putin in Finland follows a chaotic Nato summit, in which he accused Germany of being controlled by Russia and paying billions and billions of dollars a year to Russia for energy payment. Maas said that while he welcomes the meeting between the US and Russia, the dialogue needed clarity. He added that the meeting would be a step forward if it lays the groundwork for nuclear disarmament.

Suspected Osama bin Laden bodyguard to remain in Tunisia after Germany cancels deportation order: Tunisian authorities said on Saturday they do not plan to return a suspected Islamist to Germany after a German court ruled authorities had wrongly deported the man to his native country. The 42-year-old Sami was arrested in Tunisia on Friday morning after German police deported him in a chartered airplane from the western city of Dusseldorf. But shortly after his arrival, it was revealed that a court Gelsenkirchen in northern Germany had blocked the deportation order on Thursday evening over concerns Sami could be tortured after his arrival in Tunisia. The decision, which was sent by fax, only reached officials responsible for carrying out the deportation on Friday morning. The court has since ordered for Sami to be returned to Germany, sparking anger among some German politicians and officials involved in the case.

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Hundreds in Spain protest transfer of Franco’s remains: Hundreds in Spain have protested against the removal of the remains of Francisco Franco from a controversial monument built under the fascist dictator’s direction. Spain’s new socialist prime minister Pedro Sanchez promised to remove Franco’s remains from the state-funded mausoleum, Valle de los Caidos, or Valley of the Fallen, north of Madrid. The site contains the remains of tens of thousands of people, many who fought for Franco. Shortly after taking office, Sanchez announced plans to remove Franco’s body from the site and turn it into a memorial to those who died during the Spanish Civil War.

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Trump snubbed by UK royal family: Prince Charles and Prince William refused to meet US President Donald Trump and his wife Melania on their visit to the UK, according to reports. Queen Elizabeth II was left alone to receive the Trumps at Windsor Castle Friday. According to a source, the absence of the two princes during Trump’s visit was a snub, and they simply refused to attend. Downing Street and Buckingham Palace said that because Trump’s tour was not a state visit, the plan was always for the Queen to greet the president and his wife alone.



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