Monday, 08 October 2018: Rome warns Germany not to deport migrants back to Italy, EU warns German carmakers not to export old diesels, Romanian constitutional ban on same sex marriage fails


Rome warns Germany not to deport migrants back to Italy: Germany on Sunday denied an Italian newspaper report that it planned to fly migrants back to Italy, after the allegation drew a threat from Italy’s Interior Minister to refuse landing permission to unauthorised planes carrying asylum seekers. „La Repubblica“ had reported that Germany’s refugee agency had sent dozens of letters to migrants advising them of a planned transfer back to Italy, possibly via charter flights. Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said on Sunday Italy would close its airports to any planes carrying migrants from Germany or any other EU country. German Interior Minister Horst Seehofer said last month that a deal with Italy had been reached and that he expected it to be signed shortly. But Salvini denied that a day later, demanding more concessions from Germany.,

EU warns German carmakers not to export old diesels: The European Commission fears that carmakers in Germany would seek to export old diesel cars removed from German streets under planned trade-off incentives to eastern European countries, Industry Commissioner Elzbieta Bienkowska has told the „Tagesspiegel“ newspaper. Exports would mean pushing the air quality problem from the west to the east, she warned. The German government’s plan to avoid driving bans could intensify the problem. It should be clearly determined what happens to the worn-out and poorly adjusted vehicles, said Bienkowska, adding that the issue was a European problem not a national one. German Chancellor Angela Merkel on Saturday said car makers had „lied and cheated“ by selling diesel cars that pollute more than the industry had said they would.

Sturgeon: Scottish MPs will back second Brexit referendum: Scotland’s First Minister Nicola Sturgeon has said that her party would undoubtedly support a second referendum on the UK’s membership of the EU if the matter went to a vote in the House of Commons. The Scottish leader also reiterated her MPs are likely to vote against the final Brexit deal based on the British government’s current proposals. She said she could not envisage voting for a deal that did not include membership of the single market and customs union. The first minister said she would announce her plans for a second independence referendum on Scotland leaving the UK once Prime Minister Theresa May confirms a Brexit deal with Brussels, which she said looked as if it might be November. Her comments came as up to 100,000 people marched through Edinburgh on Saturday calling for Scottish independence.,

Turkey says journalist was killed inside Saudi consulate: Turkey has concluded that a Saudi journalist who disappeared on Tuesday during a visit to his nation’s consulate in Istanbul was killed on the premises and his body removed from the building, an official Turkish source told „The Independent“. Last Tuesday, prominent Saudi dissident Jamal Khashoggi entered the Saudi consulate in Istanbul. He has not been seen since. Turkish investigators say that a team of fifteen Saudi agents killed him inside the consulate, several officials told „The New York Times“ and other news organisations. Saudi Arabia has denied it, insisting Khashoggi left shortly after he arrived. Turkish President Tayyip Erdogan told reporters that authorities were examining camera footage and airport records as part of their investigation into the disappearance of Khashoggi, who had been increasingly critical of Saudi Arabia’s rulers.,,

Manfred Weber: Leader of the European People’s Party in the EU Parliament calls for majority voting in the EU
Brazil election: Far-right Jair Bolsonaro wins first round
Meng Hongwei: Interpol president who vanished in China has resigned
USA: Kavanaugh wins confirmation to the Supreme Court


If we want to maintain our social market economy and avoid populists gaining in popularity, we need to ensure that everyone benefits from economic growth.
Spanish minister for economic affairs Nadia Calvino wants to fight against growing social inequality in Spain.


Romanian constitutional ban on same sex marriage fails: A referendum to change Romania’s constitution to prevent same sex couples from securing the right to marry failed to draw enough voters to validate the result on Sunday. After two days of voting, only 20.41% of the electorate cast a ballot — well below the 30% needed for the referendum to count. The results deal a blow to the ruling Social Democratic Party and hand a win to opponents who encouraged people to boycott the polls in order to invalidate the result through a low turnout. Dozens of human rights groups had said a successful referendum would embolden further attempts to chip away at the rights of minority groups.,

Latvia election puts pro-Russia Harmony party on top: A pro-Russia party has won the most votes in Latvia following Saturday’s general election. The left-leaning Harmony secured 19.9% support in Saturday’s vote, but would likely have trouble forming a ruling coalition. In the past, parties have formed pacts to keep Harmony out of government. The current three-party coalition lost its collective majority, dealing a blow to Prime Minister Maris Kucinskis‘ chances of forming the next government. His Union of Greens and Farmers won only 9.9% of the vote, while the National Alliance took 11% and the Unity party 6.7% of the vote. Latvia shares a border with Russia and is a member of both Nato and the EU.,

Nationalist Serb, Bosniak leaders win Bosnia’s presidential vote: Bosnian Serb nationalist leader Milorad Dodik and Sefik Dzaferovic, the candidate of the largest Muslim Bosniak party, have won the Serb and Bosniak seats in Bosnia’s triumverate presidency, the election commission said early Monday. Dodik secured 55% of the vote and Dzaferovic 38%, election commission President Branko Petric announced at a news conference. Moderate Croat Zeljko Komsic, who already served two terms in the presidency, won the Croat seat with 49.5% of the vote, winning over nationalist Dragan Covic from the largest Croat party, HDZ.

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German far-right party launches Jewish faction: The German far-right party AfD has provoked an outcry by launching what it called a Jewish group within its ranks. The move drew a backlash from Germany’s Jewish community, which called the AfD a racist and antisemitic party. About 250 people, many from Jewish organisations, held a protest in Frankfurt on Sunday against the new group. Charlotte Knobloch, a former Central Council chairperson who survived the Holocaust as a teenager, warned that the AfD remained hostile to Jews.,

Hungary: Government bans protests against Turkish President Erdogan ahead of his visit
Italy: Government keen to keep 15% stake in Alitalia in rescue plan
Bulgaria: Investigative journalist murdered

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Brexit is barking mad, say dog lovers: Around a thousand dogs and their owners marched on Britain’s parliament on Sunday demanding an end to Brexit via a second vote on the terms of the country’s exit from the EU. Organisers of the mass dog walk, which culminated in a rally in Parliament Square, said they were „howling on behalf of the millions of people in the UK who believe Brexit is a huge mistake“. The dog parade attracted everything from corgies and beagles to huskies and a giant leonberger. One grey schnauzer wore a banner declaring „Brexit’s Barking Mad“.,,



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