Friday, November 25th: Ankara rejects EU Parliament resolution, EU vows support to Ukraine, France attackers planned to attack Disneyland Paris


Ankara rejects EU Parliament resolution: Turkey has reacted angrily after Parliament urged governments to freeze EU membership talks in a symbolic vote. Turkish Prime Minister Binali Yildirim dismissed the vote as being of no importance, but warned that ties with the EU were already strained. Turkey’s EU Affairs Minister Ömer Celik slammed the nonbinding vote as politically motivated. MEPs had voted by 471 to 37 to halt Turkey’s EU accession talks, with politicians backing a resolution that condemned the Turkish government’s disproportionate repressive measures after a failed military coup in July.,

Schulz to quit post as EU Parliament President: Martin Schulz is returning to German politics, raising the prospect he may challenge Angela Merkel as Chancellor and prompting speculation of a reshuffle in EU institutions. Schulz told a news conference he would not stand for re-election as speaker of the EU legislature and would instead campaign for a seat in Germany’s federal parliament next year. A member of the SPD leadership said it would decide by January whether Schulz or party leader Sigmar Gabriel would be its candidate for chancellor. One poll this week showed Germans thought Schulz has a somewhat stronger chance of ousting Merkel.,

EU vows support to Ukraine: EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker and European Council President Donald Tusk have reaffirmed support for carrying out a 2014 pact on closer ties with Ukraine. Tusk also said Ukraine has met all the conditions to receive visa-free travel in Europe for its citizens and that he hopes the visa waiver can be granted by the end of the year. Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko called for sanctions against Russia to remain until the territorial integrity and sovereignty of Ukraine were fully restored, including Crimea.,

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Slovak Prime Minister Fico overreacts to allegations: Slovak Prime Minister Robert Fico has ended his country’s EU Presidency on a sour note by describing journalists who reported allegations of accounting tweaks by his government as dirty, anti-Slovak prostitutes. Fico spoke to the press on Wednesday, alongside Foreign Minister Miroslav Lajcak, and faced questions regarding the alleged tricks the Slovak Presidency used for funding EU Presidency projects without going through normal public procurement procedures. Lajcak reportedly said the allegations were an attempt to harm the well-progressing Slovak presidency.

Peace agreement: Colombia and Farc rebels sign revised peace deal


If the accession process came to an end, I believe we would, both, find ourselves in a lose-lose scenario. Europe would lose an important channel for dialogue and leverage with Turkey. Turkey would lose a lot.
In spite of the rising discord between the EU and Turkey, EU’s High Representative Federica Mogherini insisted on continuing the process towards accession.


France attackers planned to attack Disneyland Paris: French police sources said on Thursday that several suspects arrested last week in anti-terror raids were planning to launch attacks in and around Paris in December. Seven suspects were arrested last weekend in the eastern French cities of Strasbourg and Marseille following an eight-month investigation, although two were later released. The remaining five suspects‘ custody was extended under legislation covering investigations into imminent terror attacks. Interior Minister Bernard Cazeneuve said French counter-terror officers had been monitoring the cell for more than eight months.,

Refugees riot in Bulgaria: Bulgarian riot police deployed water cannon near hundreds of migrants who broke through a barrier in the country’s largest refugee camp. The migrants threw stones and other objects at the security forces before staging a protest rally. TThey are angry about a decision by the local authority to put the camp in the southern town of Harmanli under quarantine after reports of a possible outbreak of skin disease.

Farage warns of seismic shock if Brexit not delivered: Another big seismic shock could hit British politics at the next election, interim Ukip leader Nigel Farage has warned British Prime Minister Theresa May if Brexit is not delivered by 2020. Farage made the remarks at a reception in London’s Ritz Hotel to celebrate his contribution to the Brexit victory. He said he suspected the conservative government was not fit for the legacy of Brexit.

Brussels blocked by protest: Thousands of people who work in Belgium’s health and welfare sector have taken to the streets to protest against government plans for austerity measures. An estimated 20,000 people from the health care, social services and not-for-profit sectors came out to demonstrate. They are demanding improved pay and conditions.

France: Jobless total eased back slightly in October
Poland: Governments considers cutting benefits for former security service officers

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Allegations against Ferrero: A report allegedly uncovering illegal child labor has caused an uproar in Romania. The British tabloid newspaper “The Sun” wrote that many poor families in the north-west of the country were working from home putting together plastic toys for Kinder Surprise eggs for the Italian Ferrero company. After the report was published, the Romanian police opened an enquiry. The youth welfare office has also got involved. It would not be the first time that British media published horror stories about Romania which later turned out to be hoaxes.

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