Friday, December 7th 2018: France plans digital tax without EU, More than 700 students arrested in France, No TV debate between May and Corbyn


France plans digital tax without EU: French Finance Minister Bruno Le Maire announced on Thursday that France will tax digital giants at a national level from 2019 if European Union states cannot reach an agreement on a tax on digital revenues for the bloc. Le Maire said he would wait until March 2019 to reach a deal on a European tax on digital giants. If that didn’t work, then France would do it at a national level. EU finance ministers had failed to agree a tax on digital revenues on Tuesday, despite a last minute Franco-German plan to salvage the proposal by narrowing its focus to companies like Google and Facebook.

EU steps up aid for Africa’s G5 Sahel: A two-day donor conference in the Mauritanian capital Nouakchott ended on Thursday with pledges from the EU and France to increase their financial contributions to development and security projects in Africa’s volatile Sahal region. The EU said it would contribute an additional €125 million to the G5 Sahel’s Priority Investment Program, bringing its total up to €800 million. Niger President Mahamadou Issoufou said at the end of Thursday’s meeting that donors had together pledged €2 billion. The five Sahel states of Mauritania, Burkina Faso, Chad, Mali, and Niger have been dealing with insurgent violence, lawlessness and terror attacks since Libya’s political collapse in 2011 and an uprising in northern Mali in 2012.

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Afghan electoral body invalidates all votes in Kabul: All votes cast in Kabul during the October parliamentary election are invalid, Afghanistan’s Independent Electoral Complaints Commission (IECC) announced on Thursday. The commission cited fraud and mismanagement during the conduct of the poll. There were serious outstanding problems in Kabul that could hurt the fairness, transparency and inclusiveness of the election, said IECC spokesman Ali Reza Rohani. The invalidation of votes in Kabul comes as Afghanistan prepares for presidential elections in April amid a deteriorating security situation.

Frontex: EU border protection may take longer than planned


More than 700 students arrested in France: The protests against the French government have reached the schools. On Thursday, thousands of high school students took part in protests against cuts in teaching staff and stricter selection criteria for admission to universities. More than 700 students were detained by French police. France will close the Eiffel Tower and other tourism landmarks in Paris and draft in thousands more security forces on Saturday to stave off another wave of violent protests in the country over living costs. French left-wing opposition parties are seeking a no-confidence vote in President Emmanuel Macron’s government amid growing protests and fears of violence.,,

No TV debate between May and Corbyn: ITV has canceled plans to host a live Brexit debate between British Prime Minister Theresa May and Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn on Sunday. The announcement comes after the BBC also abandoned a proposed program earlier this week, meaning there will be no televised debate between the two party leaders ahead of next week’s parliamentary debate. Parliament’s vote on May’s Brexit deal will go ahead on December 11th, her office said on Thursday, rejecting suggestions from lawmakers that she should seek ways to avoid a defeat so big it might bring down the government. The European Court of Justice will formally rule on December 10th on whether Britain can unilaterally cancel Brexit.,, (ECJ)

Belgium: Parliament backs UN pact
Italy: Mafia said to have learned service secrets from officials
Greece: Government plans crowdfunding for new warships

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Romania in political mayhem three weeks before assuming EU presidency: In an almost surreal sequence of events, the Romanian government paid a visit to the EU Commission on Wednesday to discuss the country’s upcoming EU presidency, while the opposition in Bucharest mobilized to oust the ruling coalition. Representatives of the opposition said the governing majority of the social democrats and the ALDE party in parliament was crushed, and that a new majority was about to take over. The opposition is now preparing a no-confidence vote next week.



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