Friday, 6 October 2017: EU Parliament votes to establish EU prosecutor, Macron calls for European strategy, Spanish court suspends Catalan parliament


EU Parliament votes to establish EU prosecutor: The Parliament has backed the creation of an EU-wide prosecutor’s office to investigate and prosecute perpetrators of offences against the EU budget. The prosecutor will have the power to coordinate police investigations, freeze and seize assets, and arrest suspects across borders. Member states gave their assent to the creation of the office in the 2009 Lisbon Treaty. However, the legislation creating the agency, first put forward in 2013, has been delayed because of opposition from some member states.,

Macron calls for European strategy: French President Emmanuel Macron has renewed his demands for reform in Europe. In an interview, Macron called for a European strategy to take the wind out of the sails of populists. Meanwhile, Macron is under fire after saying people should be out looking for work instead of causing a ruckus in the street. Macron was referring to a group of workers from the GM & S auto equipment firm who face losing their jobs because of a planned takeover, and who clashed with police on Wednesday.,

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MEPs urge EU to ratchet up climate ambitions: The EU Parliament on Wednesday backed a resolution that calls on the EU to increase its 2030 climate targets and to come up with a mid-century zero-emissions strategy before an all-important UN summit in 2018. Ahead of November’s COP23 summit in Bonn, MEPs agreed on a set of recommendations that would see the EU ramp up the ambition of its climate goals.

EU Parliament: Reduce overcrowding in prisons to prevent radicalisation, urge MEPs
Russia: Saudi King Salman visits Putin


There is a way, a way of respecting peoples’ rights, political inclusion but also that allows the preservation of the established constitutional frame, stability and the territorial integrity of Iraq.
French President Emmanuel Macron has called for the recognition of the Iraqi Kurds’ rights within the constitution.


Spanish court suspends Catalan parliament: Spain’s constitutional court on Thursday suspended a session of the Catalan regional Parliament scheduled for next week in which lawmakers were expected to approve a unilateral declaration of independence. The court’s decision heightened the conflict over Catalonia, which held a referendum on independence last Sunday that the Spanish courts had declared illegal and ordered suspended. Spain’s government will issue a decree on Friday making it easier for firms to transfer their legal base out of Catalonia, according to reports.,

Germany drops spying probe: German prosecutors have closed an investigation into suspected mass phone tapping of German citizens by British and US spies after finding no concrete indication of any criminal activity, they said on Thursday. Prosecutors in Karlsruhe said although the US surveillance techniques were known to German intelligence agencies, there was no evidence of them being used to target Germany.,

German spy agencies want right to destroy stolen data: Top German intelligence officials on Thursday urged lawmakers to give them greater legal authority to hack back in the event of cyber attacks from foreign powers. Hans-Georg Maassen, head of the BfV domestic intelligence agency, told the parliamentary oversight committee it should be possible to destroy data stolen from German servers and moved to foreign servers to prevent it from being misused.

Scuffles erupt in Ukrainian parliament: The Ukrainian parliament was forced to adjourn its session amid scuffles over hotly-disputed bills regarding the rebel-controlled eastern territories. The bills submitted by Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko have drawn fierce criticism from some politicians, including the Samopomich (Self Reliance) party.

Greece: Thousands of migrants return home from Greece
Serbia: Secondhand Russian fighter jets arrive

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Trump surpasses the Pope on Twitter: US President Donald Trump surpassed Pope Francis to become the most followed world air on Twitter. Trump has 39.7 million followers while the Pope has 39.5 million. Public relations firm Burson-Marsteller’s latest „Twiplomacy“ studyshows that Trump took the top spot over the weekend from the Pope, who tweets in several languages. The study tracks about 890 accounts of world leaders such as heads of state.



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