Friday, 17 November 2017: EU handling of Greek bailouts only partial success, EU Parliament wants to reform asylum law, May to discuss Brexit with Tusk


EU handling of Greek bailouts only partial success: The EU’s handling of three bailout programmes for Greece during the eurozone’s financial crisis had several weaknesses and was only partly successful, European auditors said on Thursday. While the lifelines ensured the country could meet its financial obligations and improve its budget situation, they failed to achieve their main goal of full market access for the continent’s most indebted state. The auditors‘ report, which focused on the work of the EU Commission, said the programmes only helped Greece to recover to a limited extent. The conditions set out in the bailouts were neither sufficiently prioritised by importance nor embedded in a broader strategy for Greece.,

EU Parliament wants to reform asylum law: The European Parliament’s Civil Liberties Committee (LIBE) endorsed the mandate on a vote on Thursday, entitling the EU legislator body to start talks on revamping the Dublin system to ensure that asylum seekers are fairly shared among EU member states. Parliament can now begin talks with the Council as soon as EU member states have agreed their own negotiating position.

May to discuss Brexit with Tusk: British Prime Minister Theresa May will meet with the president of the European Council, Donald Tusk, on Friday to discuss Brexit ahead of a key make-or-break deadline. Brexit secretary David Davis said that Britain and the EU can agree a free trade deal broader in scope than any the EU has agreed before, warning negotiators not to block an agreement by putting politics before prosperity. Lloyd Blankfein, CEO of Goldman Sachs, on Thursday called for a second Brexit referendum.,,

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Social justice across the EU: A marked recovery on the EU jobs market has noticeably improved opportunities and reduced the risk of poverty, according to the latest EU Social Justice index presented by the Bertelsmann Foundation. The report states that the differences in opportunity and social justice between the EU’s northern and southern states remain large. Although unemployment has dropped overall, as well as in crisis-hit countries like Spain and Greece, the jobless rate remains around or above 20 percent in those southern states.

Paradise Papers and Nelson Mandela: According to reports on Thursday, the Paradise Papers revelations about the financial webs of the world’s elite has uncovered a connection even more mysterious than why Bono is the part owner of a shopping mall in Lithuania: It’s the strange story of a secret trust fund, South African freedom fighter Nelson Mandela, and East Germany’s Margot Honecker. German daily „Süddeutsche Zeitung“ were the first to uncover the connection between the late South African president and the ex-First Lady of the former communist GDR.

Allegations of corruption: Top judge quits EU Kosovo mission
Rising ticket prices: Competition watchdogs criticise Lufthansa
European Fiscal Board: Board calls for simple but tougher rules


Together with our European partners we call on all parties to refrain from resorting to violence in the current situation in Zimbabwe.
German Foreign Ministry spokesman Rainer Breul urged military leaders to hold back and refrain from resorting to violence in Zimbabwe.


Germany replaces US as country with best international image: The United States’ global reputation suffered a substantial drop over the past year while Germany’s image improved, according to a new study by market research firm GfK and policy adviser Simon Anholt. Germany moved up to first place after coming in second in 2016. The US dropped from top to sixth, with France, Britain, Canada and Japan taking spots two to five. Anholt attributed the United States’ loss of reputation in part to President Donald Trump, who took office at the start of this year.,

Protests continue in France: Thursday marked the fourth day since September that union-backed protesters have taken to the streets to express discontent over French President Emmanuel Macron’s policies. The new measures aim to make it easier for French firms to hire and fire employees and reduce the power of national collective bargaining. Macron wants to better focus the more than 30 billion euros spent annually on training people who need it the most, while also extending unemployment insurance to entrepreneurs in the hope more people will be encouraged to start their own company.

UK and Canada lead global alliance against coal: The UK and Canada have launched a global alliance of 20 countries committed to phasing out coal for energy production. Twenty countries have already joined the alliance, including France, Austria, Costa Rica and New Zealand. Reducing global coal use is a formidable challenge, as the fuel produces around 40 percent of the world’s electricity. As a highly carbon intensive source, coal contributes significantly to the rising levels of CO2 emissions. Researchers say that if the world is to curb dramatic temperature rises this century then coal use must be limited.

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Poland wants to care for homeless in Berlin: The Polish government wants to take a more active role in looking after the thousands of Polish people living on the streets of the German capital. Poland estimates that more than 2,000 Polish homeless people live in Berlin alone. Berlin authorities and charities have been put under increasing strain by the swelling numbers of homeless people on the city’s streets in recent months.

Eastern Ukraine: Separatists prepare prisoner swap
Lebanon: Prime Minister Hariri accepts invitation to go to France

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Trump has awkward water bottle moment: While giving a speech at the White House, US President Donald Trump abruptly stopped talking to look for water behind the podium. A voice in the wings alerted him to a bottle of water within arm’s reach that the president hadn’t seen. Trump grabbed it, seeming to try to keep the bottle away from his body and out of camera view as he awkwardly unscrewed the cap before taking some sips, reminiscent of another ill-fated political water bottle sip a few years ago by Sen. Marco Rubio of Florida — which Trump had previously mocked.



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