Friday, 1 December 2017: EU and Britain agree settlement post Brexit, US and China still at odds over steel overcapacity, Jakobsdottir becomes Iceland’s new PM


EU and Britain agree settlement post Brexit: The EU has agreed a financial settlement with Britain, a senior EU official told „Reuters“ on Thursday, under which London has committed to paying a set share of EU budgets after Britain has left the bloc. Following reports of British offers in recent days, EU negotiators have insisted publicly that work is continuing on the financial deal, as both sides also push to reach accords on two other key divorce conditions before a crunch meeting on Monday.

EU, UN, African leaders draw up emergency plan: The European Union, United Nations and African Union have agreed to an emergency plan to dismantle people-smuggling networks and repatriate stranded migrants, in an effort to ease a human rights disaster in Libya, officials said. The slave auctions in Libya that have provoked international outrage are partly a result of policies put in place by the EU, the director of France’s „Doctors Without Borders“ wrote on Thursday. European Council President Donald Tusk called the slavery reports horrifying.,

Gülen network not terrorist organisation: The EU doesn’t believe Fethullah Gülen’s network is a terrorist organisation and is not likely to change its position soon, the bloc’s counter-terrorism coordinator said Thursday. Gilles de Kerchove said the EU would need substantive evidence to change its mind on the network of the cleric Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan blames for masterminding a coup against his government last year.

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US and China still at odds over steel overcapacity: At a G20 steel summit in Berlin, the world’s largest steel-producing countries have agreed to dismantle market-distorting subsidies. But deep division remained between China and the US over how to do that. Speaking at the summit, German Economy Minister Brigitte Zypries said delegates had agreed on the need to dismantle subsidies and arrange better sharing of information on the process of capacity reduction.

Four candidates for presidency of eurogroup: Finance ministers from Latvia, Luxembourg, Portugal and Slovakia bid on Thursday to replace Jeroen Dijsselbloem as the powerful head of euro zone finance ministers, the Eurogroup, ahead of a vote next week among the 19 countries sharing the euro. The president of the Eurogroup chairs monthly meetings of finance ministers and heads the euro zone bailout fund.

Lufthansa offers to sacrifice routes to save Air Berlin deal: Lufthansa is willing to sacrifice the right to fly some routes to save its deal to acquire assets of Air Berlin, the low-cost airline that collapsed recently, reports said on Thursday. The German carrier will submit its proposed concessions to the EU Commission, including giving up so-called slots belonging to Air Berlin businesses Niki and LG Walter.

Consumer protection in the digital age: Council adopts regulation to strengthen EU-wide cooperation
EU budget 2018 approved: Support for youth, growth, security
Aviation: Commission updates the EU Air Safety List


The European Union and its members must think and commit additional funds to finance education programmes, particularly through the Global Partnership for Education.
The EU should offer more opportunities to young Africans wishing to study in Europe, says Friederike Röder, spokesperson for NGO „One“.


Jakobsdottir becomes Iceland’s new PM: The leader of Iceland’s Left-Green movement has become the country’s new prime minister at the head of a broad three-party coalition. Katrin Jakobsdottir, a popular former education minister, took office on Wednesday after formally signing a new government accord with the centre-right Independence and Progressive parties. Together, the coalition parties hold a slender majority — 35 seats in parliament.,

Spain shrugs off effects of Catalan crisis: Spain’s economy minister on Thursday shrugged off short-term effects on the economy from the secessionist crisis in Catalonia. Fourth quarter growth for Spain as a whole would be the same as the third quarter‘s, Luis de Guindos said after data showed a continued strong performance in July-September. The Catalan impact was short-term, de Guindos said, sticking to the government’s end-of-year growth forecast of 3.1 percent from a year earlier.

Berlusconi sent to trial accused of bribing witness: Former Italian prime minister Silvio Berlusconi is accused of having bribed a witness to give false testimony in a trial four years ago in which he was accused of paying for sex with an underage prostitute. The 81-year-old former premier was ordered on Thursday to stand trial beginning in February. He has been accused by prosecutors of bribing the actresses and starlets who attended his so-called “bunga bunga” parties at his holiday villa in Sardinia and his residence outside Milan.,

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Greece moves refugees from Lesbos to mainland: Greek authorities on Thursday moved a few hundred asylum-seekers from the island of Lesbos to the mainland in an effort to ease overcrowding in its camps. The refugees would be taken to camps and apartments in the mainland, authorities said. Twenty-five asylum seekers from Africa arrived in Rome Thursday, using a humanitarian corridor set up by churches.

Ukraine: Man detonates grenades in trial of murdered son; 2 dead, 9 injured

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Trumps tags wrong Theresa May: A British woman who US President Donald Trump tweeted, wrongly including her Twitter name instead of the British Prime Minister’s, has described how she was on the end of relentless tweets after the mistake. The past 24 hours had been unusual in Britain, with Trump having retweeted several videos from the far-right group „Britain First“ on Wednesday. Taking aim at May’s rebuke of his actions, Trump wanted May to know he was unhappy with her response. In Trump fashion, he took to Twitter to air his grievances – but he targeted the wrong Theresa May.,



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