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Thursday, 29th of January: EU prepared for more flexible cooperation, IMF prepares financial support for Ukraine, Greece re-hires thousands of officals

EU prepared for more flexible cooperation: After the Greek election, the European Commission wants to [...]

Wednesday, 28th of January: Pokering over new financial support, Europe commemorates the end of the Holocaust, Tsipras presents new cabinet  0

Pokering over new financial support: On February 28th, the European part of Greece's aid program [...]

Tuesday, 27th of January: Alexis Tsipras sworn in as new prime minister, Syrian Kurds drive IS out of Kobane, NATO jet crashes at military base

Alexis Tsipras sworn in as new prime minister: The speed at which Greece is forming [...]

Monday, 26th of January: Syriza wins election, Russia blames Kiev for Ukraine violence, Pilot project for receiving Syrian refugees  0

Syriza wins election: The left-wing Syriza party of Alexis Tsipras has won won Sunday's parliamentary [...]

Thursday, 4th of December: Anti-IS coalition meets in Brussels, Swedish government collapses, Switzerland elects new President  0

Coalition against Islamic State meets in Brussels: Foreign ministers of about 60 nations from the [...]

Tuesday, 2nd of December: Tusk in charge of EU Council, Alternative Nobel Prize, Elections in Poland and Moldova  0

Tusk taking charge of European Council: Poland’s former prime minister Donald Tusk officially took over [...]

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