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Thursday, 2nd of April: Confusion about Greek statements, Second night of nuclear negotiations, Russia shuts down TV station serving Crimean Tatars

⊂ EUROPE ⊃ Confusion about Greek statements: The Greek government is openly divided over how long [...]

Wednesday, 1st of April: Salvage workers continue efforts, Greece fails to reach deal with institutions, Donors’ conference for Syria falls short of expectations

⊂ EUROPE ⊃ Salvage workers continue efforts: Investigators and salvage workers on the crash site of [...]

Tuesday, 31st of March: Greece presents reform proposals, German copilot Andreas L. had suicidal thoughts, Election campaigning in Great Britain

⊂ EUROPE ⊃ Greece presents reform proposals: A reform list presented by Athens estimates that Greece [...]

Monday, 30th of March: Greece asks Russia for help, Poroshenko announces Ukraine-EU summit, Socialists suffer defeat

⊂ EUROPE ⊃ Greece asks Russia for help: Greece is negotiating for more financial aid with [...]

Friday, 27th of March: Co-pilot crashed plane intentionally, Greece will run out of cash on Monday, Germany bans militant jihadist group

⊂ EUROPE ⊃ Co-pilot crashed plane intentionally: The co-pilot of the Germanwings flight that crashed in [...]

Thursday, 26th of March: Merkel, Hollande, and Rajoy travel to crash site, Investment package meets resistance, Power struggle in Ukraine

⊂ EUROPE ⊃ Merkel, Hollande, and Rajoy travel to crash site: The cause of the crash [...]

Wednesday, 25th of March: Germanwings plance crashes, Separatists steered from Moscow, Cameron plegdes not to serve third term

⊂ EUROPE ⊃ Germanwings plance crashes: On Tuesday, a A320 Germanwings plane with 150 people on [...]

Tuesday, 24th of March: Tsipras with list of reforms in Berlin, Breach of ceasefire in Eastern Ukraine, Socialists win regional election in Andalusia

⊂ EUROPE ⊃ Tsipras with list of reforms in Berlin: Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras and [...]

Monday, 23rd of March: Greek Prime Minister in Berlin, Commission wants to reform investor protection, Conservatives win local elections in France

⊂ EUROPE ⊃ Greek Prime Minister in Berlin: Greece has two more weeks to ward off [...]

Friday, 20th of March: EU will debate Greek debt crisis, Proposal for compromise in matter of German war debt, Heads of state discuss Russia sanctions

EU will debate Greek debt crisis: Greece will be the „elephant in the room“ at [...]

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