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Friday, 14th of August: Crucial Greek vote on third bailout, States should tax the rich more, ECB thinks about further steps  0

⊂ EUROPE ⊃ Crucial Greek vote on third bailout: Parliamentarians in Greece are set to vote [...]

Thursday, 13th of August: Greek bailout meets resistance, Europe, China, and the global economy, NATO-Russia maneuvers fuel tensions in Europe  0

⊂ EUROPE ⊃ Greek bailout meets resistance: Greece is edging towards securing its third bailout deal. [...]

Wednesday, 12th of August: Brussels and Athens agree in principle, Berlin remains sceptical, Youth unemployment, Crowdfunding against TTIP  0

⊂ EUROPE ⊃ Brussels and Athens agree in principle: Greece and its creditors agreed on terms [...]

Tuesday, 11th of August: Germany profits from Greek crisis, Negotiations about third bailout, Conflict reaches Istanbul  0

⊂ EUROPE ⊃ Germany profits from Greek crisis: The debt crisis in Greece has saved the [...]

Monday, 10th of August: Greece moves up a gear, Investigators exonerate Varoufakis, Apple Music is legal  0

⊂ EUROPE ⊃ Greece moves up a gear: Greece hopes to conclude negotiations with international creditors [...]

Friday, 7th of August: EU Commission won’t allow doubts, Russia and U.S. agree on Syria resolution, EU deportation practices  0

⊂ EUROPE ⊃ EU Commission won’t allow doubts: The EU Commission is attempting to dispel doubts [...]

Thursday, 6th of August: Greece talks are making progress, Another tragedy in the Mediterranean, Civilian casualties rise after NATO withdrawal  0

⊂ EUROPE ⊃ Greece talks are making progress: Greek Finance Minister Euclid Tsakalotos said the negotiations [...]

Wednesday, 5th of August: New elections are likely, Increasing financial risks for the EU, Free trade with Vietnam  0

⊂ EUROPE ⊃ New elections are likely: Greece’s Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras has to present a [...]

Tuesday, 4th of August: Greek stock market reopens and plunges, Criticism against agricultural trade law, New UN development goals  0

⊂ EUROPE ⊃ Greek stock market reopens and plunges: Greece suffered its worst stock market sell-off [...]

Monday, 3rd of August: Greek stock market reopens, EU succession regulation, Refugee situation at the Channel Tunnel  0

⊂ EUROPE ⊃ Greek stock market reopens: The creditors want Athens to enact a third wave [...]

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