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Thursday, 11th of June: ECB raises emergency funding, Turmoil over TTIP, EU to end strategic partnership with Russia  0

⊂ EUROPE ⊃ ECB raises emergency funding: The European Central Bank has increased the amount of [...]

Wednesday, 10th of June: Vote on TTIP suspended, EU to take action against irregular refugees, Creditors unimpressed by Greek reform proposals  0

⊂ EUROPE ⊃ Vote on TTIP suspended: Parliament President Martin Schulz has decided to postpone a [...]

Tuesday, 9th of June: G7 to support climate protection, Plenary votes on TTIP, Erdogan acts statesmanlike after election defeat  0

⊂ EUROPE ⊃ Varoufakis criticizes creditors: According to Greek Finance Minister Yanis Varoufakis, a proposal by [...]

Monday, 8th of June: G7 summit in Bavaria, Dispute over Greek reforms, Erdogan suffers major defeat  0

G7 summit in Bavaria: US President Barack Obama and German Chancellor Angela Merkel held talks [...]

Friday, 5th of June: G7 summit in Bavaria, Greece delays debt payment, Turkey ahead of elections  0

G7 summit in Bavaria: Thousands of demonstrators have taken to the streets in Bavaria to protest [...]

Thursday, 4th of June: Heavy fighting in Eastern Ukraine, Tsipras meets Juncker in Brussels, Latvia has a new President  0

⊂ EUROPE ⊃ Heavy fighting in Eastern Ukraine: Fighting surged between Ukrainian troops and Russia-backed rebels [...]

Wednesday, 3rd of June: Creditors agree on compromise proposal, Conservative eurosceptic parties soaring throughout Europe, Quo vadis Cameron?  0

⊂ EUROPE ⊃ Creditors agree on compromise proposal: Sources said the meeting in Berlin on Monday [...]

Tuesday, 2nd June: Germany and France want to improve EU migrant plan, Russia faked MH17 satellite images, Agreement in debt dispute is a top priority  0

⊂ EUROPE ⊃ Germany and France want to improve EU migrant plan: In a joint statement [...]

Monday, 1st June: Wish for treaty change isolates Cameron, Athens hopes for Merkel and Hollande, EU Commission plans to sue Germany  0

⊂ EUROPE ⊃ Wish for treaty change isolates Cameron: Except for Great Britain, no other European [...]

Friday, 29th of May: EU institutions reach deal on investment fund, MEPs take initial position on TTIP negotiations, Cameron on EU tour

⊂ EUROPE ⊃ EU institutions reach deal on investment fund: After extensive negotiations, the EU institutions [...]

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