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Tuesday, 24th of February: Athens delays reform plan until today, Ukraine cancels withdrawal of heavy weapons, Orban needs to rethink  0

Athens delays reform plan until today: The Greek government will present its economic reform plans [...]

Monday, 23rd of February: Attack overshadows Maidan memorial, Greece send list of reforms, Tony Blair to advise Serbia  0

Attack overshadows Maidan memorial: An explosion in the Ukrainian town Kharkiv killed at least three [...]

Friday, 20th of February: Germany rejects Greece’s request, Heads of state criticize ongoing battles, New Prime Minister for Moldova

Germany rejects Greece’s request: Despite a long-awaited Greek request for a six-month extension to its [...]

Thursday, 19th of February: Ukraine troops retreat from Debaltseve, Greece delays request for extension of aid, Government crisis in France

Ukraine troops retreat from Debaltseve: The Ukrainian president Petro Poroshenko has confirmed that his forces [...]

Wednesday, 18th of February: Rebel forces seize strategic Debaltseve, Greece applies for extension, Putin in Budapest

Rebel forces seize strategic Debaltseve: Two days after a ceasefire agreement was supposed to come [...]

Tuesday, 17th of February: Eurogroup issues Greece an ultimatum, Ukraine ceasefire at risk, Denmark after the attacks

Eurogroup issues Greece an ultimatum: Talks between Greece and eurozone finance ministers over the country's [...]

Monday, 16th of February: Terror in Copenhagen, Ukraine ceasefire largely holding, New round of negotiations for Greece

Terror in Copenhagen: A 22-year-old Danish-born gunman killed two people at a Copenhagen synagogue and [...]

Friday, 13th of February: New ceasefire deal in Minsk, Meeting of finance ministers without results, Sweden’s central bank follows ECB’s course  0

New ceasefire deal in Minsk: After 16 hours of negotiations in Minsk, Belarus, Russian President [...]

Thursday, 12th of February: Peace summit in Minsk, Informal EU meeting to discuss Greece, Berlin pays last respects to Richard von Weizsäcker

Peace summit in Minsk: Angela Merkel, Francois Hollande, Petro Poroshenko und Vladimir Putin have started [...]

Wednesday, 11th of February: Ukraine launches offensive, Germany deflates hopes for Greek debt deal, British prisoners have right to vote

Ukraine launches offensive: The Ukrainian military has launched an offensive against separatists near Mariupol. Government [...]

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