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Monday, 16th of March: Poroshenko believes peace agreement has failed, Greece keeps black money in Switzerland, British teenagers detained in Turkey

Poroshenko believes peace agreement has failed: On the anniversay of the referendum in Crimea, Russian [...]

Friday, 13th of March: Greece’s first payment due this weekend, NATO mobilizes rapid reaction force, Rumors about Putin’s health

Greece’s first payment due this weekend: This weekend Athens’ first debt repayment of 1.6 billion [...]

Thursday, 12th of March: Greece on collision course, Finance- and economic organisations demand further reform efforts, Suspects in Nemtsov killing probably forced to make confession  0

Greece on collision course with EU: Greece is going a collision course with its EU [...]

Wednesday, 11th of March: Greece meets officials, USA send armour to Baltic states, Arab League blocks Swedish foreign minister’s speech  0

Greece meets officials: According to Athens, talks with the eurozone finance ministers have begun positively. [...]

Tuesday, 10th of March: Eurogroup meeting without results, Putin admits to planning Crimea’s annexation, Russian opposition doubt Islamist background in Nemtsov murder  0

Eurogroup meeting without results: Yesterday the EU finance ministers met for debt talks in Brussels. [...]

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